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#HapeeDelivery Made 3 Delivery Boys Happier

Since I’m always busy and have no time to go around and send errands to the other part of the Metro, I always relies on the messenger.  Messengers are my solutions whether it’s a personal or part of my work thing.  Thru the messenger, I could send and receive items and documents. I am always happy whenever there is someone calling out my name and delivering items at our doorstep. I appreciate the fact that they made an effort of finding my hard to find home residence.

Someone recently send me a video that really made me teary eye because it really touches my heart and thankful for the ones who made the effort to bring back the smile that we receive from the ones who always made we smile.  Hapee Toothpaste   recently launched its newest campaign through a YouTube video. The ad features three (3) delivery boys from various establishments in their actual day to day activity without knowing that they’re delivering their own gifts. Dubbed as #HapeeDelivery,  watch this video and tell me if it didn’t make your eyes teary.

Geron just wish for a rice cooker and he received a kitchen showcase 
Wilmer just want to call his family but his celphone was broken, this Christmas, he has a new celphone and a plane ticket to visit his family to be with them this Christmas

Nilando is now a happy father because his son would be able to continue his study and become a Seaman someday

Simple things but this is what makes us truly #Hapee

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