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How to Look Great with the Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System

 A few months ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life by getting my hair cut. It was really a disaster and it was no joke since the joke was on me every time someone notices my hair. The bad news is, my hairs became dry and fly away and I need an hour just to do have it blow dry or else; it really going to be a long bad hair day for me.

My disaster hair
Somebody advise me to have it repair, like have it rebond or do the Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System until my hair is long enough . My hair is so short that rebonding seems to be a bad idea so I opt to have the Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System

Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System different from Rebonding and other treatment since after you wash your hair, it would go back to its natural form. Well, I kind of thought that I will be as straight as it was the day it had its treatment but I was wrong.

What good about my Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System  ; they are all salt and sulfate free. they are free from chemicals that will harm your hair.

 Thank you to my Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System, they don't just promise but they deliver their commitment.

 Don't I look great

Well that was the day of the treatment but as I told you, it went back to its natural form after I wash it.

A Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System would only last for 2 to 3 weeks. The good news, with the help of the AhGlow Conditioner and Ahglow Shampoo the treatment would last to 2 to 3 months. With the help of these two Ahglow products, my hair is still manageable and soft. I could easy do my hair style even though it’s short and don’t need much effort in doing so.

Ahglow Shampoo is not foamy like the other shampoo because it salt free and sulfate free, Ahglow Conditioner is also salt free and sulfate free

For more than two months now, this two Ahglow products is the reason behind my no bad hair days

Here is my pictorial last December

My hair is still short but it's easy to manage and style

Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System is good for long hair also

Don't just take my word for it, try the  Ahglow Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System. It only cost around more than a thousand pesos but it's good for more than 12 heads.

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  1. Okay Lang po BA ang Brazilian keratin treatment Sa rebonded hair?



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