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Uratex Foam: Then and Now; I Trust You With My Comfort in Life

In every home, beds are a staple. Some choose banig, others sleeping mats, but most of us have at least 1 mattress in our house. And when you say mattress, you actually say URATEX.

I remember the first time I bought my own bed. My mother would say “Bili ka ng URATEX”. So, I thought, URATEX means mattress and vice versa. I did not argue with my mother, because everyone knows that mothers know best. Cosequently, now that I am a mother, I know the best. I konw URATEX. I have had other experiences wherein I was shopping for sofas. The Suppliers would say that their product was guaranteed top caliber, “siguradong matibay at tatagal”, because their foam was URATEX.

Owning a bed is like an investment. You need to be wise about it. You have to make sure of is durability, affordability, and comfort. For 19 years, I never stopped using my URATEX mattress. My five kids have started using it ever since they got out of their crib. They jumped, and played on it for as long as I can remember, but they were never injured due to springs or thin scattered foam. Never have I seen it waver. Wala pa ring punit at hindi nanipis. Five kids against 1 URATEX mattress. Imagine that. What kind of technology does URATEX have? Each foam undergoes 100% in-house testing to ensure compression and resilience.

when it comes to my bed
Last September 2013, I had to bid goodbye to my URATEX bed, but it immediately said hello to my brother’s house. The funny thing is, he has five energetic kids too, and similarly, I believe that my Uratex bed is right for them. That year, I won a make over prize for my home from a magazine and I had to let go of all my old things in the house; my bed included. The good news is, I was able to gain five new single URATEX bed for my now grown children.

Every single bed had a warranty sticker , to ensure the consumers that the product is in good condition. I was able to save the plastic covering too. Funny enough, the plastic was just as tough that I use it to cover my hanged clothes whenever it rained.

 URATEX continues to be part of my life, of my children’s life. Thank you for URATEX for being our comfort for life, this year and for the years to come. Uratex never fails me, that's why #ItrustU #ItrustUratex

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