Lazada Philippines

Giant potato on the loose?

People at the Legazpi Sunday Market recently received a pleasant surprise as they shopped for their produce. Prancing and waltzing through the grounds was a smiling, giant potato, greeting and taking photos with everyone. We are left to wonder who this pleasant potato with a health-conscious streak is -- and if his appearance might bode something good later?         

Chased after this potato-lly cute and cuddly giant spud at the Legazpi Sunday Market just to take this photo! #PotatoInTheCity

Visitors to the Legazpi Sunday Market bumped into the biggest (but cutest!) potato they have ever seen! #PotatoInTheCity
How cute is this giant potato making a stop at the Legazpi Sunday Market, basket and all? #PotatoInTheCity

He’s certainly no couch potato! Giant potato shopping at the Legazpi Sunday Market FTW! #PotatoInTheCity 

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