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Vista Residences recently launch series of University Residence. The event was launch, giving the students and other clients and options to dream, choose and love. Purchasing a property is not as simple as purchasing a car since you are investing in your future. With Vista Residences, you are sure that you are getting your money’s worth with the amenities and location that only Vista can offer.


Nearly everywhere in the world, “university towns” develop around educational institutions.  Residences and businesses for the academic community proliferate, turning schools’ environs into self-sustained villages -- practically cities-in-miniature – that cater to the needs of students, faculty, and all others concerned with institutional learning.

Vista Residences, the high-rise condominium arm of the country’s biggest property developer, Vista Land, is tweaking the concept of the university town by building vertical versions for the country’s key universities, lifting “higher learning” even higher.

By creating its “University Series,” Vista Residences is giving students better living options while in school.  The company has a special place in its heart for the academe, believing very strongly that the country’s future depends on the education of its youth.  Thus, in an effort to further empower this sector, the group has created vertical residences that are designed around student needs as well as those of the rest of the academe. Understanding fully the pressures and difficulties that come with student life, Vista Residences believes they deserve better than the dorm options around today.  The University Series condominiums, for instance, are equipped with study areas and common spaces perfect for discussion and decompression from the stresses of class.  Also, by building living options closer to the schools, students are spared the tediousness and time wasted during the daily commute to and from their homes.  This allows them to spend more time studying and attending other school activities.  The locations of the Vista Residences university condominiums allow its residents to take better advantage of student life and better enjoy what is usually a short, but meaningful and memorable, time.

Creating the Perfect Lifestyle for the Nation’s Developing Minds

The Vista Residences properties are actually across or walking distances away from universities, and since many of our schools stand close together, one tower is often perfectly located to be of service to several campuses.

It is also interesting to note that Vista Residences always takes into consideration the unique needs and personalities of each of their markets.  Beyond the usual conveniences of condominium living, each property is meticulously designed for those whose lives evolve around institutions of learning. Their study needs, their other everyday necessities; like food, laundry, and socializing, are key aspects that are considered when designing the condominiums.  Proximity to the schools and universities is key, of course, but equally crucial is safety and security.  With Vista Residences, the residents – and their parents – have less to worry about.  This is especially important when one’s main customers are students – young, probably rather carefree -- and for many, this could be the first time they have been away from home. Each building is equipped with a guarded reception area and parking, smoke and fire alarms, sprinkler systems, generators, and CCTV systems in most of the common areas.

Beyond all these, the vertical residences of the University Series offer facilities both typical to the Vista Residences condominiums as well as those especially designed for academic life.  For instance, the amenities designed into the University Series’ towers are inspired by the Google offices.  Currently at eight projects – four of which are already sold out – each university tower houses an E-Library, a completely modern and ideal learning hub; a fitness center that also promotes recreational sports; a swimming pool; a roof deck; and multi-purpose function rooms for hosting parties, other social events, and school meetings or study groups. 

Another interesting feature in the design of the University Series is that each building uses solar panels in an effort to decrease their carbon footprint.  To date, the solar panels are used to power select communal areas and mobile charging stations.  In the future, Vista Residences hopes to use solar energy to supply even more of its electricity needs.

Vista Residences:  A Topnotcher in Building Projects Catering to Students
Vista Residences has four standing university projects:  Crown Tower University Belt launched in 2005, Vista 309 Katipunan and Vista Taft in 2011 and España 878 launched in 2012. All four have been sold out, testifying to their ideal locations, the well-thought out designs and facilities, the quality of the built towers, and how well each caters to the needs of our students and educators.

Owing to the success of these four properties, Vista Residences is ready to launch five more that are just as strategically located near universities within Metro Manila and key provincial destinations namely:  Vista GL Taft, Vista Heights in Legarda, Vista Brenthill in Baguio, Vista Katipunan in Quezon City the second project in the area and Vista Recto in Manila. A lot more projects are in the pipeline within the year.

With five new towers and another four sold out under the University Series, Vista Residences is redefining what student living has become.  The sedate and crowded dormitories are still around, but considering the success of the company’s first four forays into student housing, it seems the market is asking for better living options and a more progressive vision that better caters to the evolving needs, priorities, and preferences of our student body.

An Investment in Education, a Lifestyle and the Future
The condominiums are also wise investments, as they are all located within the Metro’s key commercial and business centers, allowing access not just to schools and universities but also to the main places of work and entertainment, as well as to transportation hubs allowing for easy movement.  These are investments that can be passed on from one generation to the next, as it is common practice in the country for families to be loyal to particular schools.  Also, while the University Series properties were designed for the more “scholarly,” their size, affordability and locations make them just as perfect as homes for new families, yuppies, and those who work in the metro and thus need a “halfway home” closer to their offices.

To learn more about the Vista Residences’ university series properties, contact us at 650 0753 or 0999 8871705  or visit For news, updates, and announcements, follow vistaresidencesofficial on Facebook and vistarescondo on Instagram.

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