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 Applying to college can be a stressful time. This is likely the first decision your child will make that has such lasting and important consequences. With more than 3,000 schools to choose from, knowing where to start can seem impossible. The school your best friend attends can be a valid option, but it's just one among many.

As a parent I know that my guidance will be crucial, but ultimately, my child must make this decision on her own. Still, it can be difficult for parents to resist asserting their own dreams and wishes. But pushing a child toward a school she may not want to attend, such as an alma mater, can result in resentment, even failure or dropping out. Parents want the best for their children.

Last February 28, iACADEMY hosted its Open House . The said event was attended by delegations hailing from different locals found in the immediate metro as well as nearby provinces.  The delegations were composed of a mix of senior high school students, parents, guidance counselors and faculty members from different schools.Also in attendance were several walk-in participants.

Speakers included the following:
Mitch Andaya - School of Computing
Eric Halcon - School of Business
Dane Romley  - School of Design

I think it would be a great idea for you to look into iACADEMY. There are 6 programs that you can choose from:

1. Digital Arts
2. Software Engineering
3. Animation
4. eManagement
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Advertising

Here's a sneak peek into the classrooms of iACADEMY:

iACADEMY is very favorable not just to fresh graduates but to 2nd coursers as well. It credits the general education subjects you took during your first course. All you have to do is bring your transcript of records and have the registrar review it. This leaves you with just the major subjects which are usually scheduled at night or on Saturdays.

iACADEMY has 3 terms in a year to give the students time for a 2 term/trimester (6month) internship program. Unlike other trimester schools wherein the students can graduate in 3 years and 1 term, students in iACADEMY graduate in 4 years because we want to give the students a chance to have real life work experience before graduating from college.

Most college graduates come out of college without real world knowledge about their jobs and find themselves having a hard time adjusting. In iACADEMY, our students intern in corporations like IBM, Nestle, Smart, Jollibee, etc. and are so deeply integrated into these companies' systems that if they do a good job, most of them are hired by these companies.

The internship also serves as work experience for the students to put in their resumes so if they decide to work for another company upon graduation, they have an advantage over students from other schools.

Also, it is far from being a "money grabbing" thing as the others might think. In fact, for the 2 terms that the students are having their internships, students only pay for 6 units instead of the usual 18-21 units per term. The reason students still have to pay is because they are graded by the corporations they are working at and it is considered a requirement as part of graduation.

The internship of the students in no joke. They are not just asked to file documents or photocopy materials. One of ours students that worked with IBM created a system that was able to increase the ticketing capacity of Philippine Airlines. PAL had a system problem that could not be solved by their top IT engineers. It took an intern from iACADEMY to fix it. Another one of  their students was sent to China by Nissin-Monde after he pioneered a deal with a corporation there. These were all done during their internship.





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