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Adobo Food Fair : Support the #AdoboMovement

In line with the  Adobo Movement where in a campaign is ongoing to make Adobo as our national dish, Datu Puti  host an adobo food fair last June 11, 2015 at Eastwood Central Plaza. 

Different varieties of Adobo dishes were also showcase for the other to taste, more than 10 provinces participated for the cook off as well.

Ms. Nancy and the other judges were really having a hard time tasting the 15 dishes to be able to choose the 3 top winners of the nighs

Congratulations Pagdilao for winning the best booth design and placing 3rd for the best Adobo in Town !#AdoboMovement
 Second Place goes to Baquio for their La Presa 
As for the grand prize…………………. Its Tarlac for the adobong bibe

As for me, I was able to taste almost every dish during the night and won a prize as well. It was really something, that is; to be to part of the campaign in making Adobo as our national dish.

Whether it happen or not; we could all say that when it comes to Adobo; no body as in body can’t agree that Adobo is one dish that the whole world knows to be a Filipino dish

Let us support this campaign, look on to
And be a part of this wonderful and worthy campaign

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