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How to Invest your Money Wisely: Make your Home at Valenza

What attract me most when I first step at Valenza is the vast park space and lot of greenscape that sets Valenza apart from the rest. Lots of space for jogging, picnic, space to play on, that is what we need in a community that we should live in. I recommend that you check you out Valenza if you are looking for a new investment. And why did I say investment, because from the moment that you purchase a unit at Valenza, a sure increase in it’s value for your money is what you are getting. There are lot of expansion going on around Valenza that it make your purchase more than just purchasing a home but having an investment as well.

 Launched in the year 2005, Valenza, the Italian word for “valence”, is the chemistry of the elements of style and comfort united in symmetry. Situated along Sta. Rosa to Tagaytay Road, this 25-hectare Italian-themed community boasts of a very prime location where no other projects can beat.

Valenza caters to higher mid-class families that dreams of having all necessities needed within reach without the hustle and bustle of the city. The community is most definitely for people who are seeking to escape to the more refreshing South, and for those who need to live, work and play near business and productivity centers. 


Everything is within reach.

This prime property is located at the heart of the fully-developed community of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, just a few minute drive to Tagaytay. It is strategically set near the main road but with enough distance to preserve its peace and quiet setting. The picturesque sight of Mt. Makiling and the enticing slopes of Tagaytay Ridge embellish the horizon as the sun sends out its rays across the estate, draping the Italian-inspired homes with rich hues and shades. Alabang is just a quick zip down the SLEX.
If you find Valenza interesting and you want to part of this community,

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