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Pilmico Supports Panlasang Norte Through Series of Food and Livelihood Expos

If there is one thing that we Filipino are proud of, I could say that we are proud of our rich culture and food history.  Let’s just say that from Aparri to Jolo, we have a diverse selection of local Pinoy food.

Just imagine the different version of dishes that a Bagnet has and the differ way of preparing the longganisa.  Each dish represents a region, who loves to show how this savory, hearty and even exotic dishes would satisfy our palate.

I was able to get to taste all this wonderful dishes last July 31, 2015 as Pilmico gives tribute to the Panlasang Norte.  The event was held at Mercanto Centrale and the event was graced by media and food lovers around the Metro.

Since 2014, the advocacy themed Mahalin Pagkaing Atin has been traveling in the country through Food and Livelihood Expos to raise awareness about embracing our local food.

Pilmico, the food subsidiary of Aboitiz and the company behind the program, visits tragedy, poverty and conflict stricken areas and helps the people residing in these area to build a new life and prepare them for sustainable livelihood. 

During the Food and Livelihood Expos, Pilmico also conducts seminars on animal husbandry and nutrition as well as cooking and baking demonstrations to showcase the different flavor of the provinces and promote local delicacies

Mahalin Pagkaing Atin has been to places like Tagum City, Davao, Bohol, North Cebu, Iloilo, Ormoc, Palo, Carigaya, and Baybaya and to other cities and region of our country.

Mahalin Pagkaing Atin focuses on helping, teaching and encouraging farmers to embrace backyard farming as a sustainable form of livelihoods for locals as Pilmico distributes piglets and egg machines to selected beneficiaries with full cycle feed consumption.  This does not only promote sustainable entrepreneurship and homegrown produce, but also instill a pride of product, pride of place mindset for both the farmers and the consumers. This is embrace local and love local in action’

To give you an idea how much this program has achieved, check out this statistics: to date, Pilmico has already donated a total of 191 egg machines, 646 piglets and 14 agriposts to 304 families nationwide

So join the road trip up north and around the country, and do your part to help the local food industry by encouraging and promoting backyard farming. Develop our Panlasang Norte and experience a muddle of northern flavors. Then go ahead and tell everyone about it. Remember to embrace local, get know your Pinoy food, and Mahalin Pagkain Atin.

I know I did………………
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