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Red Ribbon: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Cakes

Sweet dream are made of these, who am I to disagree

Whenever there is a special occasion, there is something that you don’t forget to include in the table. A special occasion means special cakes.  It was like a tradition that you have to have a cake at the center of the table, and not just any cake but Red Ribbon Cake.  Red Ribbon was been a part of my life, literally and figuratively.

I was a service crew of Red Ribbon during my college years. I am a working student back then and Red Ribbon was one of the establishments which hired me.  Their old office was located at Banawe and our uniform was consist of a Bandana, a filipina blouse and a blue pencil cut skirt.  Every day, I was so excited to go work because I know that day would be filled with sweetness.  It was exciting to fry the empanada but what makes my day is when I put dedications to all the Red Ribbon cakes. Dedication can be  take care, good luck and  congratulations. The dedications are not just for the happy birthday; there also the anniversary and just a simple way to say “I Love You”

The cakes they ordered are not limited to one but I had the honor to put a dedication on all Red Ribbon Cake, whether it’s the Mango Cake, or on Red Ribbon Rolls.  The hard part is when you put dedications on the side of the cake. With practice, I was able to do it; A piece of cake as we say.

Here are the choices.........................

The Dedication Cake, 

Mango Cake

Ube Cake

Black Forest 

The newest of them all..........................
Red Ribbon Choco Banana Split Cake

Double Deck Cake

One of the Many Celebrations that Red Ribbon was a guest of honor by our tummy

Today, as I look at each Red Ribbon cake, I remember all the smiles that I get when I hand to my customers their orders.  Their words still echoes on my mind, words like “ matutuwa si bunso dito”, “ubos agad to pagdating sa bahay”,” may surprise na naman tayo kay nanay”.   Cakes are not just cakes when you put your heart into it and Red Ribbon made sure that they use the finest ingredients to make a lasting impression to your taste.

A Red Ribbon Cakes represents something. Red Ribbon Cakes represents warmth and love. This is what I felt every time that I put dedication on each Red Ribbon Cake. I always think  its a cake for my love one and that it why I always make sure that my artwork is perfect.

Even way back then, Mango Cake is my favorite. It’s just like life, a combination of sweetness and sour that would remind you that life is sweeter when you had your taste of sourness in life. 

How about you, what's your favorite Red Ribbon Cake?

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