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Samsung Cooking Workshop : Cozy Recipe for Rainy Days

I am addict when it comes to cooking workshop, I could go as far as north and south and to where ever place it is being held as long as know that I can learn new dishes or recipe . I love to learn new way and style in cooking.

Together with other chef wanna be, I attended a Samsung cooking workshop at the Gala Culinary Center located in Pasig. The event was sponsored by Samsung Philippines through its Digital Appliance and I was glad to be part of it. This month theme is “ Cozy cooking Recipes for the Rainy Days”

There were actually two dishes for that day; the Carbonara and the Chicken Pie which were both cooked using the Samsung Smart Oven.

Recipes are easy to make and cooked with the help of the Samsung Smart Oven. We can bake, grill, fry and do almost everything .

It was great day of learning , not just cooking but on how Samsung Smart Oven can make our lives easier.

Till the next Samsung  cooking workshop

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