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Celebrate Holidays or any Occasions at Lucky Rainbow Hongkong Seafood Restaurant

IF you are from the area of Makati and would love to have that family get together for occasions or holiday parties and would love to avoid the traffic of going far from where you are, I suggest you visit Lucky Rainbow Hong Kong  Seafood Restaurant (near Don Bosco Makati)

There’s enough parking area for the whole family not to mention that you can went there even by public vehicle


The venue can accommodate whether you are a family of 10 or a group of 100, they have different rooms where in you can enjoy the privacy that you wanted 


Fried Garlic Chicken Wings – PHP280 (3 pcs). If you ask where is the sauce, don’t bother because with the crisp and juiciness of this chicken; it’s enough to keep you going. Unlike other fried chicken with thick breading, this fried garlic chicken got it just right

Fried Pork Belly with Special Sauce – PHP280 (3 pcs) If you love Asado type pork, this is for you
 Choose your dumplings , there’s  Hakaw, Siomai and the XiaoLong Bao. 

XiaoLong Bao – PHP168 (6 pcs)
Hakaw – PHP108 (4 pcs)
Siomai – PHP98 (4 pcs)

Fried Lapu-Lapu in special mango sauce – PHP1320 (700 grams). I don’t want to bias or anything but my love for mango was a main factor in my decision to say that the mango was just right, not to sour and it didn’t overpower the total flavor of the sauce

Lechon Macau Cold Cuts – price ranges from PHP600-PHP1500 (S-L)

Australian Abalone Chicken Fried Rice – PHP480 (S), PHP720 (M) and PHP1200 (L). This is a one pot meal, there's carbo and veggies and seafood as well

Sweet and Sour Pork – PHP320(S), PHP480(M), PHP800(L)

Squid with XO Sauce – PHP420(S), PHP630(M) , PHP1050(L)

Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs – PHP320(S), PHP480(M), PHP800(L)

Fried Suahe with Salted Egg Yolk – priced according to gram, PHP450(300g), PHP900(600g) and PHP1350(1kl$

Peking Duck – PHP2400 (whole) , PHP1200(half)

Peking Duck diced and served with lettuce

Mixed fruit platter – PHP420(S), PHP630(M) and PHP1050(L)
Every restaurant has something to be proud of, the list would be endless but one thing that keeps this restaurant different from the other; they don’t use MSG. All the flavors that natural and comes from the ingredients itself

Every occasion has to be remembered, let’s make this holiday stress free and just enjoys each other’s company.

Lucky Rainbow Hongkong Seafood Restaurant is a place where hassle and stress are not included in the list

Lucky Rainbow – Makati branch 
2224 Patriarch Bldg., Pasong Tamo cor Don Bosco, Makati City 
Tel: 478-1385/751-8183 

Mobile: 0906-336 6146

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