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How Do I Handle Stress? The answer is..............

How do I handle stress?

Every day we went through a lot of stress in our life, no one is spared from this.  Just like what’s happening to me but am I the only one. I know that you too undergo with what I am going through.
Stress is everywhere; it can be our boss, or the traffic, the loud noise or small things that affect our sanity.

As days go by, I’m trying to understand what’s happening to this relentless feeling of mine.
Stress affects me so much that I can’t even think straight and my body feels weak. I’m trying to understand my situation just like you trying to understand yours.

Stress Management……….

Today, I will share to you what I learn,

The God Factor in Stress Management

“Don’t fret or worry, Instead of worrying, pray.
Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concern”

Trusting God doesn’t eliminate the problem that you have with your boss or erase the stress factors in your life. But when you think about it, everything is taken care of. Just like the birds that Gods take care of. We are more important than the birds

Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything; Let God knows our concern and don’t forget to thank him for whatever answers HE provides. Everything comes in perfect timing

I am not saying that you just sit there and do nothing.  I only hope to believe that what I am going through is just a pace and that GOD is with me along the way same as GOD is with you.

I have been through a lot and it’s not as simple as you think it is, but I am thankful that there are angels in form of friends and acquaintances that I meet that made my life easier and help me go through the stress of life

I may not have everything but I know I have everything that I need
Just like what I read in the book “Tomorrow can be beautiful”

Let’s not stop hoping because it’s if we can’t do anything about our stress then who else can but GOD can do it.

Thank you “Just for Today” for my enlightenment

By the way, as a thank you for my friends and acquaintances who support recent campaign. I would like to announce that the winner is # 15,

Thank you friends for always being there to support me in my time of need.

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