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Purefoods Sexy Chix Recipe: Chicken stuff con Ampalaya

Normally when we think of health, we always think that we should only eat vegetables. Well here is something that I normally cooked to stay healthy and yet get have my load of protein without the guilt.
I love chicken and I love veggies, therefore I combine both of them through our famous recipe in Pampanga, I normally do it in form of a ball and wrap it on dim sum but I love veggies that’s why I put my chicken mixture inside an ampalaya

I called it my “Chicken stuff con Ampalaya”

Here are the ingredients:

1.            Oil

2.            Egg

3.            Mushroom

4.            Red bell pepper

5.            Carrots

6.            Salt and pepper

7.            Some corn starch
8.            Amplaya

9.            Purefoods sexy chix  ( chicken chunks in guiltless broth)

As for the procedure

  1. Pre heat the oil
  2. Mince the mushroom, red bell pepper, carrots and mix them together, put some salt and pepper to taste
  3. Mix all the ingredients with the egg and some corn starch plus our Purefoods Sexy Chix
  4. And put the mixture inside the ampalaya ( make sure that you scrap the inside of the ampalaya to make it thinner)
  5. Dip fry and served hot

As for the dippings, you can use

  1. mayonnaise with ketsup
  2. Sweet and sour sauce
  3. Mayonnaise with garlic
  4. Or plain ketsup
  5. Which ever suit your taste

We love to eat but we want to be healthy as well. We could have both , it could be masarap , masustansya at kayang kaya

Cook it easy, cook it fast, and yet its still healty

With this recipe, we can have it all because, its so easy to follow and and easy to cook and we wont feel guilty with the ingredients that we use especially when we use the Purefoods sexy chix  ( chicken chunks in guiltless broth) . Beside being hassle free because its ready to use Purefoods sexy chix  ( chicken chunks in guiltless broth) is 98 % fat free and we get all the protein that we need. It has no preservative and no MSG added. 

By the way, Purefoods Sexy Chix is a product of SMPC which only means that we are guaranteed that we are using the finest quality ingredients beside being affordable, because SMPC makes sure we only get the best product and swak sa budget items.

Well that’s all for now, stay tune for more easy to cook recipe using Purefoods sexy chix like Hainanese Style and Arrabiata and Adobo

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