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Why Do We Need Sports in our Child's Life?

Did you remember the first day that you enroll your child to sports clinic or program?
Do you remember why you enrolled them in that sports program?

The reason I am asking this is because sports plays a big part in our child’s life development. Sports program are sometimes part of the school curriculum as well.

Sometimes, we lost track of why we did enroll our child in sports program. Yes, I know that it’s a proud parent moment when our child’s team won during the game but we are so wrapped up in the winning moments that we lose sight of the real reason why we enroll them in sports in the first place.
There are two sides of the coin, one is to win and one is to loss, but did you know that they loss in the games, there is also thing that you could accomplish as a parent and you should be proud of.
Sports build character, that’s one goal of the sports program but how you can test the character of your child if he never felt the defeat. Besides the teamwork, cooperation. Self-discipline, work ethics and leadership, your child also need to cope with disappointment. Life is not all about winning, sports teach our child to how to react when life throws a bad ball into them. I am not promoting losing but it a fact that we should face as parents. We should also asses the mental and emotional strength of our child and be there whether they win or loss.

I am just sharing this thought to you because I saw this during the recent Alaska Football Cup 2016 which was held last Nov 26-27 at the Alabang Country Club in  Ayala Alabang Village.

Players from all walks of life, age gather in one venue to participate in the longest running grassroots development program in local football.

By joining this activities, a child learns about discipline, hard work, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship not just feeling the winning moments but the losing as well.
Tired, wet and dirty; they still have that smile in their faces that they had been part of a team. Every child is supported by parents, with all the siblings and grandparents yelling encouragement every time they made a goal or not.
Alaska has long been part of this goal; the winning attitude goal if I may say. For not all can emerge victorious and get that trophy and medal but everyone emerge a winner in every parents heart because they learn to cope with defeat as well.

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