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Aljur Abrenica for Century Tuna Hotdog : Di na ko BABY

Being a mom, it is my responsibility to make sure that I provide nutritious and healthy food to my children. To make sure that they get the nutrition they need, I make sure that I prepare their baon. The problem that I usually encounter was the viand. The usual dish always compromise of rice and fried dish. I just have to content myself with fried pork or chicken but then, I have this feeling that it’s not enough. My son EJ usually asks for hotdog for baon, with rice or sandwich. It was always at the top of the grocery list but giving in to his lambing give me a not so good feeling.

Luck came at my side when Century Canning Corporation came up with a new product endorse by Aljur Abrenica (Machete) at the Outback in Glorietta. I know for a fact that century canned tuna was nutritious and healthy for its Omega 3 DHA and Aljhur was known for having a healthy lifestyle to maintain his physique. With combine forces, they were able to pursue me to try the latest innovation when it comes to hotdog. The new Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog, the all time favorite hotdog with the healthy goodness of tuna.
Now a day, we have to be health conscious.  I believe now, I can give my son EJ his favorite baon and at the same time feel contented for the nutrition that comes along with it.

I love to call my EJ, “Baby “and just like Aljur, he would answer back, “I’m not a baby anymore, Big Boy Na ko “
Both of them love Century Healthylicious Hotdog and both of them are not babies anymore.

Thank you Greg H. Banzon, vice president and general manager of Century Canning Corporation, for coming out with this easy to prepare and ready to eat innovation.

Thank you Century Canning Corporation for thinking the welfare of the consumers.

Here's the lates TV Ads of Aljur Abrenica for CENTURY HEALTYLICIOUS HOTDOG

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