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Samsung 3D LED Monitor : The New Level of Entertainment

Samsung has always been known for being innovative. A leader in consumer electronics and information technology, they always have something new and latest to offer  
To adapt to the modern era of entertainment, they launch the recent innovation with regards to the 3D LED Monitor.
Together with other blogger, we were given a chance to get a glimpse firsthand of their latest product. Held at the Peninsula Suite at Manila Peninsula, the unveiling of Samsung SyncMaster SA950 was an event worth attending. 
Samsung SyncMaster SA950

DJ Mia Bayuga - Host

I know most of us have experience the 3D in Movie Theater, with the 3D glass and all. Now wit the new Samsung 3D Led monitors, you have the same experience. The only difference, you do it on your own home.
The people behind  Samsung

 For your question, as to how can this be, here are some technical backgrounds for you.

Samsung adopted the 3D HyperReal Engine, enabling monitors to produce vivid 3D images without dizziness (that’s good news to me).

The new product is equipped with Ultra Clear Panel which enhances color contrast for sharper images. With built in emitter and 3D active glasses, images will appear more vibrant and brighter  Its wide range of inputs, from AV content to 3D connectivity such as Display Port, HDMI and DVI, will facilitate the monitor to be more compatible in enhancing users’ experience.

At the push of a button, Samsung 3D Converter transforms users’ favorite 3D photos, movies or games from 2D to 3D images. And with the 3D visual adjustment feature, users can even customize the 3D experience to match their particular needs. It will be a different level of visual comfort.

There’s so much for you to love like

  • It’s elegant design and smart features ( so slim )
  • With its Eco light sensor, your electrical bills will surely benefit
  • Zero-bright spot with 3 yrs warranty
  • Diversified “Magic” functions : Magic Angle, Magic Color, Magic Bright
Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350
Another first was also launch Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350 Monitor which has an internal HDTV receiver. It adopts Samsung full HD (1920 x 1080) monitor, providing 250cd/m2 brightness and Mega DCR technology. Hence, image quality is more distinctive and HD motion videos will not be blurred, users can then enjoy the seamless details and realistic images.
Samsung SyncMaster supports Dolby Digital and SRS TheaterSound that brings users extraordinary audio experience. The monitor has an internal HDTV receiver which provides digital TV functions such as TV shows guide, auto-channel search and etc. It satisfies users who prefer both high quality monitor and digital TV functionality. Samsung SyncMaster also features Picture-In-Picture which allows users to experience both computer screen and TV show at the same time.

Having the right brand for the right 3D LCD Monitor is an experience you cannot let just pass by.  Have your own one right now.

 Special Thanks to Ria Hazel of Sugarsmile

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  1. Also the LED monitors are using a side lighting point of view to improve the overall quality of the image where the LCD monitors use a back lighting system. The image will be clearer at the middle point of the screen and is will loose it's quality on the edges.



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