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Figaro : Coffee or Herbal Blend Tea Anyone

When I mention Figaro, You’ll definitely say coffee right. Well think again, for I recently attended the launching of Figaro’s HERBAL Blend. It was a new experience to be able to be the first to taste the proudly Filipino herbal tea. Together with other bloggers and tea enthusiast, four different herbal blends were given to us for tasting. It a first of its kind, for a prestigious and glamorous coffee shop to serve a drink intended for health reason
Pinoy now a day are health conscious and drinking teas becoming popular to all of us.

Introducing the four herbal blends.

My cup of FIGARO Banaba Blend

I don’t want to sound bias but I really love this blend, Figaro BANABA Blend, it’s a tea infused with tarragon, anise and grapes. Other believe that it have a cleansing power that aides in lowering the blood sugar level of diabetic persons.  The dried leaves and roots of are suggested to people with kidney problems and good in helping wounds for easy recovery. Tarragon was a usual ingredient with regards to French cooking. The sweet spice of Tarragon and anise with the fruity grapes in dried Banaba leaves create a perfect taste to cap off that exhausting day.

Next in line, Figaro SAMBONG Blend is a combination of basil and lemon which by the way is effective in dissolving kidney stone. Sambong leaves and roots when dried and mad into tea is popular among elders who seek for herbal medicines to treat colds, sinuses and migraines. The aroma of Sambong Blends infused with the fragrant basil and the tanginess of lemon creates relaxing and soothing experiences with a distinct common juice taste and was truly enjoyable to sip in.

Figaro LAGUNDI blend is a cup of hot tea infused with mint and orange believed to be an effective treatment for common cough, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and phryngitis. The mix of orange and min to the dried lagundi leaves create a refreshing and comforting experience who need healing from cough. For extra energy, the minty and fruity taste of Lagundi is the tea for you.

For those who happen to know Ernie Baron, he believes that there’s a cure for all ailments and it’s no other than Pito Pito. Figaro PITO PITO Blend believes that this tea infused with Dill and Mango is the blend for us. Combination of several dried herbs and plants like alga, banana, bananas, panda and mange with half a teaspoon each of anise and cilantro will be truly a treat for us.

Don’t just take my word for it, why not try the Figaro Herbal blends on your nearest Figaro Coffee Company and let this four Herbal blends teas your blues and stress away.

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