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Food Magazine Kitchen Series at Enderun

I really love going to food and cooking demos. Together with other follower, food lovers and other guest of Food Magazine, I was invited to the part of the first batch of attendees to the Food Kitchen Series at the Enderun.
The event started at around 9: 00 am, a light breakfast was served to us while waiting.
Upon entering the classroom itself as they called it, or am I on a different area. What greet me are comfortable chair and a huge cooking area.

Welcome remarks from the new Editor in Chief Nana Ozaeta officially start the day. 

Chef Martin Punzalan, who recently finished a staglaire at Alain Ducasse Formation in France. Chef Martin showed us two recipe Cold Red Mullets and Tangy Mint Eggplant. I was so amazed as how much effort was put in every recipe just to make sure that the dish will be enjoyable to the customer.

Chef Martin Punzalan

Cold Red Mullets

Tangy Mint Eggplant
Additional recipe sponsored by Fly Ace Corporation thru Jolly Canola Oil and Good Life products created a dish called Spring Rolls with Sesame Sweet Chili Sauce.

After the three foods sampling, we were inform that lunch will be served. Still seated in my chair, I was waiting for the pack lunch to be served. I was informed that the lunch will be served at the Restaurant 101 located inside the Enderun.
Imagine my amazement, Enderun have its own restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, I was so excited to what they will serve. From the look of the restaurant interior and the staff, I know they only served the best.
Three course meal were serve consist of the 
Salmon Fillet Mi-Cuit with capers, herb dressing, warm potato salad
Chicken Basquaise with stewed sweet peppers, Bayonne ham
LOUIS XV, .ganache, praline bar

Going back to the classroom for the afternoon event was a delight for I came across the next dessert, mamon with blueberry toppings from Jolly Foods (Wilderness). This answered prayer, no more baking for my blueberry cheesecake.

Chef Andreas Gillar was known as the pastry chef of The Peninsula Manila before joining Enderun. He teaches us how to make a "Red Fruit Dacquioise Tarte with Fromage Blanc-Lime Chantilly".  Even though the recipe was so complicated at first, the outcome was a masterpiece.
Chef Andreas Gillar

The day was completed by touring the whole campus of Enderun 


  1. Mommy, did you get to taste the foods prepared by the chefs? I will be attending this weekend's event kasi. :)

  2. all the food prepared were so delicious , even the lunch, all the food posted were sample by everyone

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