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Pain Monster VS. Boss Advil Liqui Gel

Now a day, there’s a new way of getting the attention of consumers with regards to the product they are advertising. Advertising in not limited anymore to just television, radio or newspaper and magazine. I first saw a different kind of entertainment in one of the TV show when a group of artist just suddenly appear in a mall and started dancing to the amazement of the mall goers. They are called flash mob, they are a group of people who assemble suddenly in public places perform an unusual and sometimes perform acts for a brief time, then disperse after entertaining the audience.

It just so happened that I was in Eastwood last July1 and suddenly I noticed a commotion. Though I was late to watch the actual performance of a flash mob. Nevertheless, Gab was able to record the show his video cam.

Flashy costume of Pain Monsters which represents Body Pain, Head Ache, Toothache and Dysmenorrheal appear. On the other hand a Tablet man came out to guard the viewers from the Pain Monster. Unluckily, the Tablet man was overpowered by this Pain Monster. He was humiliated and defeated. After a while, a rescue appears, it’s a new breed of heroes called ADVIL Liqui Force. Striking the Pain Monster here and there, the moves of the Force are so fast.  The result was the defeat of Pain Monster and Advil Liquid Force show them who’s the winner.

Audience reaction may vary defending on age and perception. While other child became so afraid, others find them just like mascot that’s funny and adorable. To the older generation, the flash mob, with its colorful gear was able to spread the good news in dealing with body pain like headaches, dental pain, migraine and menstrual pain. Advil liqui gel is the best solution for your body for its express bilis action and easy absorption due to its soft gel capsule. For those body pains, show them who the BOSS is.

Here's the copy of the video, hope you too enjoy watching it.


  1. This meds is right for us, now that the weather is sooo very odd - now shining, then raining. Thanks for posting Lariz...Miss yah!

  2. I thought the mascots and the skit was fun. :)

  3. this med if proven effective.. no doubt.

    Hashy of Filipino Blog

  4. Go Advil Liqui-Force, beat the pain monsters without mercy :)



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