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Moose Gear : Trendy and Quality Kid Apparel

Having five kids of my own, I have my share of experience with regards to the apparel of my kids. I’ had been thru several brands and styles of clothing for my children. Together with my son EJ, we attended the 1st MOOSE GEAR Grand Fan’s Day at the activity center of Robinson’s Galleria last July 3. As early as 10: 30 am, the line up for the registration started as the young kids and young at hearth waited for opening of the event. The event promised a day full of fun and surprises. There were treats for the first 50 kid attendees and raffles prizes from Moose Gear, Faces and Curves, Club Erase  for their companion. Meeting other bloggers and their kids give us time to just have lot of good times.

Through the years, Moose Gear has established itself as one of the trendsetters in children’s fashion.  This is due in large part to the quality of its pieces and how it has provided up-to-date designs with a wide array of selections that both moms and kids alike love.  The material Moose Gear uses are made of 100% cotton fabrics that feel good on the skin. Its collection ranges from loose shirt and polos, button down polo shirts and jackets that come in classic shades to fun shades, loose and tight-fit denim jeans, and shorts in plaid and cargo styles perfect for active boys who play a lot. Boys really need clothes that can withstand their rough and tumble world. Clothes like Moose Gear are built for boys.

Moose Girls clothes, on the other hand, offer the latest in feminine wear.  The Moose Girl line showcases the hippest tween trends as the selection offers pieces embellished with sparkles and sequins.  These come in bright, happy colors, with top quality graphics for fashion tops, stylish shorts, leggings, pants, and skirts, which every girl want

The audience were treated with performances from the Moose Gear endorsers.

Here are some of the insights that were shared to us during the event with regards to the endorsers of Moose Gear.

Goin’ Bulilit regulars like Nash Aguas, Bugoy Carino, Aaron Junatas, Angelo Garcia, Izzy Canillo and Miguelito De Guzman choose Moose Gear’s clothing which is great for their active and demanding lifestyle. Xyriel Ann Manabat, Sharlene San Pedro, Mika dela Cruz and Cha Cha Canete reveal that Moose Girl clothing are their most favorite pieces.

Nash Aguas has always combined charisma with talent, even during his Star Circle Kid’s Quest days where he won the grand prize when he was 5 years old.   Today, at 12, Nash prefers skinny jeans and buttoned-down polo shirts, in his favourite colors of white, blue and green.

Bugoy Carino, the prince of the dance floor, not only has the right moves but also a distinct taste for clothes. The eight-year-old Bugoy loves wearing loose pants and dons his favorite plaid shorts and hoodies for his “pamporma”

Chubby he may be but 12-year-old Aaron Junatas can still pull off being cute and cool. Aaron says he is happy with his loose Moose Gear shirts and polos which he wears in his sitcom and commercials.

Angelo Garcia, Izzy Canillo and Miguelito De Guzman prefer simple and casual clothing. Good thing that there are plenty of options for them from Moose Gear that can make them look trendy for their daily activity.

Xyriel Ann Manabat, more popularly known as Momay, but now plays a lead role in “100 Days to Heaven”, is very talented but also with a good sense of fashion.

Sharlene San Pedro is already a veteran when it comes to TV commercials and TV shows. And even as she has grown into a lovely 12-year-old, she has not changed a bit from being the ever casual Moose Girl that she has always been. “Moose Girl clothes fit her personality, and whether she goes to the church, attends school functions and TV shoots, there’s always something from their collection that she likes. She particularly likes Moose Girl’s trendy tops and stylish shorts,” Sharlene’s mom says.

An active girl who loves role playing over toys and costumes, Mika is also a favorite not only for TV roles but for commercials as well. “Mika is just full of life. She is studious and quite ambitious. She’s an obedient child too,” her sister Angelika proudly shares. At the young age of 12, Mika is already a fashionista who loves Moose Girl’s colorful leggings.

 Cha Cha Canete, the cute little girl who will forever be marked as the little lass inching her way to the living room to the tune of “Bulilit sanay sa masikip,” also has a number of Moose Girl pieces in her wardrobe.
These child stars indeed love the brand and has announced this to the Moose Gear community, in the Grand Fans Day event held on July 3, 2011. Speaking of the Moose Gear online community, did you know that it has the biggest number of fanpage members for a local clothing brand on Facebook? Currently, Moose Gear’s Facebook Page boasts of 200,000 fans, which grew within a span of just one year, and it keeps on growing every day.  Those who have liked the fanpage, aside from interaction and messaging, can also get a chance to be featured in the regular Pick-of-the-Month, participate in the weekly Moose Gear Playtime, be part of the monthly birthday greetings, and other promotional activities. Moose Gear is also hoping to generate huge volume of visitors to their recently launched website,, which is more than a product site but a community site for its customers.

Moose Girl is exclusively distributed at SM department stores, while Moose Gear is available at leading department stores nationwide.

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