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Big Boy Jumbo Hotdog in my Home

I always go to the supermarket with my son EJ during the weekend. We do the grocery together, this is also my way to bond with him and to make sure that I got all what he needs during his school days. One of his favorite baon is the hotdog. During one of our visit, a free taste of a new hotdog was presented. EJ usually taste freebies that are present in supermarket, it’s our way of knowing new products in the market. After going back 6 times to the free taste station, I finally had it and had to buy the BIG BOY Hotdog that EJ keeps coming back. I usually buy the usual brand, but this time, it’s a different story. BIG BOY Hotdog made it to the counter and to our home.
Upon arriving, EJ immediately request that I cooked him some BIG BOY Hotdog for dinner. I was so curious why EJ so loved the taste, that I cooked two extra one for myself. Big Boy Hotdog is juicy and the cheese is noticeable. Since it’s a new brand I had to make some research if I had to continue patronizing it. I found out that the manufacturer of BIG BOY Hotdog came from one of the biggest company in the Philippines. Big Boy Hotdog is under the Robina Farms which is under the Universal Robina Corportion owned by JG Summit Holding Inc.

Big Boy Hotdog is made form the freshest meat with premium –quality standard.  Since Big Boy is available in Puregold Supermarket that is just a block away from our house, it seems that Big Boy Cheese Jumbo Hotdog will be a regular item in our table.  The price is affordable and true enough I just paid P163 for a 1 kilo pack.

Big Boy Hotdog may be new to me or to others but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, especially if you too could taste it. Make sure that you grab yourself a pack when you visit your nearest supermarket the next time you go shopping.

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