I have always been searching for a place to unwind and feel the comfort away from stress. As a mother, it’s a dream and I have been longing to make it happen. All  I could think of is the high-priced counterpart of it but I fall short with my thoughts.
In my own little way, I replenish myself by going to the BlueWater Day Spa.  In most cases we always find the attendants accommodating despite the fact that we all look closely on the service’s affordability. These are usual services that as a paying customer we wish to get more than what we paid for. Going to  the BlueWater Day Spa appealed to me for a couple reasons; first, I find it relaxing yet nevertheless it’s a way to return back the favour to myself after a day’s work. As a mother, much is expected from me to do the household chores.  Second, would be on health reasons. I always look forward to see my son and daughters grow to be the person that they are ought to be. A moment in the BlueWater Day Spa makes those stresses away which somehow blocks the possibility of me being unwell. As much as I wanted to think of more ways, I was deeply drawn by an experience which I may say as a concrete reason why I wanted this blog to be read by everyone.

 It was an ordinary day with an unforgettable spa experience. The massage went well and  I was able to take pleasure in every caress. Inch by inch I could feel the tenderness of the recreation I long for. As it reached its end, the lady smiled back and said “MA’AM, YOU CAN STAY AS LONG AS YOU WANT”. In response, I did over slept for 30 minutes and as I rise up and confront the manager for overstaying. The manager said “IT’S OK MA’AM, WE ALLOW OUR CUSTOMERS TO STAY AND TAKE TIME TO RELAX AFTER THE MASSAGE.”
BLUEWATER DAY SPA...........need I say more?
 I have been to numerous spa but I had never experience a moment like this, an hour massage with hours of relaxation. I experience a peaceful bliss and yet the rates are affordable.

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