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I was at a recent event last week with other bloggers. One of the business partners that had a booth was a company that deals with transportation. I just could not help thinking about my car; it’s a NISSAN SENTRA Limited Edition Super Touring 1996, with Plate No. ULT 547

I had just given birth to my 4th child, and it has been a tradition that we should acquire a new vehicle to commemorate its birth. During that time, I have a construction business and at the same time a hardware store. The entire vehicle that we purchase had something to do with the business I hand. There’s a six wheeler truck, a four wheel, a dump truck, I even have a sidecar.

We consider purchasing the NISSAN SENTRA because first, it’s a limited edition. The car looks like a sports car. With four children back then, my Nissan Sentra was just perfect for us. With the knowledge that the brand goes with quality and performance, we didn’t hesitate to acquire this blue sporty look vehicle. I could also say it serve its purpose. My husband uses it also for business meeting. With the type of form it has, I could say, it got class.

Our Nissan Sentra was a witness for the many occasions that our family had. From meetings in the metro to the out of town trips in some of the beaches in Batangas. It’s our reliable partner during those long trips going to Mt. Makiling Los Banos when we accompany our children to their school. The high terrain that our car encounter is not an easy task to accomplish but it never let us down.

After 12 years, due to financial reason, I have to part with my Nissan Sentra. I just hope that the new owner appreciate the worth it possess. I just hope that we will meet again. My Nissan Sentra and Me

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