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BrainFit Studio : Fit Brains Learn Better

As a parent, one of our dreams would be to see our children excel in their studies. We make sure that we prepare them; by enrolling them to different center that we think could train them to be excellent. Tutorials left and right, English, Math, so many to mention, but are they ready? really ready ?

Last week I visit a center BrainFit Studio.As I tour the center, there are so many facts that I have learned. I found out that if I want a better performance for my child, they have to be brain fit, in the way that suits them. Strong brain fitness builds mental foundation needed for life-long learning success and for achieving A+ academic grade.
With fit brains, my children will find it easier and will enjoy more learning new things, be it subjects in school, languages, or new skills like ballet or fencing. With a sense of accomplishment comes higher self-esteem and confidence, a happier child would be the result.  Building brain fitness is a fun and engaging process that does not involve academic content.

There are 5 Brain Pillars, key cognitive abilities that form the foundation for all their learning
  •  Attention & Memory
  • Sensory Motor Coordination
  • Auditory & Learning Processing
  • Visual & Spatial Processing
  • Social-Emotional Self-regulation
 This strong brain pillars would enhance the development of higher order skills

Computer Room

The first key step is to make an objective assessment of  my child’s brain fitness with CognitiveMap. It is an evaluation tool that determines which of my child’s 5 brain pillars need enhancement It also acts as a before snapshot for pre and post programme comparison. With cognitiveMap, they make recommendations and  design a programme that best meet my child’s unique needs.

Here is one of the test that BrainFit Studio conduct to test the attention/focus

BrainFit Studio is at the forefront of applying neuro-scientific principles in boosting Brain Fitness. Their programmes are implemented according to best practices for maximum efficacy and impact.

Contact BrainFit Studio today for an appointment with one of their program advisors.
3f ( above BPI) 224 Ortigas Ave., Metrosquare Bldg., Greenhills San Juan
Tel # 6682719

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