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Panciteria San Jacinto -Pasig is now Comida China de Manila

If you are in Pasig, and looking for a good place to dine, there’s a place known to serve good food that’s affordable and with good reason since it opened last 1996.

Panciteria San Jacinto now bears a new name: Comida China de Manila. Located along E. Rodriquez (C-5) I Pasig City is a favorite destination of Chinese food aficionados in the metro. Big Chinese families, Pinoy families on weekend feast, regular foodie, office workers in the area and seekers of good Chinese food pay regular visit to the place to satisfy their palates

Here's a sample of the set menu that was presented to us. Here are the list of food that was served

Comida China Soup: this savory soup is made with eggs, pork, green peas, carrots and fat choi. It’s a meal itself.
Pinsec Frito: Deep fried wanton wrapper with a minced pork or shrimp filling, with our sweet and sour sauce
Cold Cuts Platter: An appetizer platter consisting of roast barbecued pork, lechon Macau, Chinese sausage, and pata jamon, seaweed and century egg.
Ampalaya Con Carne: Tender sliced beef with sliced ampalaya (bitter melon) with just the right degree of bitterness stir-fried in a tasty sauce.
Camaron Rebosado Con Jamon: Deep fried battered shrimp with ham.
Fried Shrimp Balls: minced shrimp coated in bread crumbs and fried until golden brown.
Comida China Chow Mein:  noodle dish is a combination of Chinese broccoli leaves, black mushroom, pork, shrimp, and special sauces over freshly cooked canton noodles
Beancurd with Fish:  fresh tofu and battered fish fillet that are topped with a tasty brown sauce prepared with sautéed garlic, tomatoes and yellow beans.
Fried Lapu-lapu with Sweet and Sour Sauce: Deep fried whole Lapu-Lapu topped off with our sweet and sour sauce.
Fried Rice with Roasted Barbequed Pork and Chinese Sausage
Fried Rice with roast pork barbecue, Chinese sausage and egg. Another meal itself

Comida China de Manila was one of the famous and favorite destinations for celebrations of many occasions like wedding, baptismal, or just simple reunion with friends, family, colleagues. This 400 seater full service restaurant is well appointed and comfortable. The menu remains faithful to the classic Cantonese fare served in Binondo, complemented with new dishes put together by the Chief Cook who began his career in the very first Panciteria San Jacinto along T. Pinpin Street

The function rooms, for memorable events like wedding reception and baptismal, packages for 30, 50, 100 or more persons. Each room has it’s uniqueness of its own. Each room has its own air conditioner for the comfort of its customer

There’s even a free WI fi to the delight of the customer who wants to mix pleasure and business.

Comida China de Manila is available to younger generations, thanks to the joint venture with its original owner. Comida China de Manila  owner’s , the Torres Family choose to take a different direction from the old panciteria concept of the Pasig restaurant by opting for a more formal and upscale ambience, but the food at Comida China de Manila remains affordable to its clientele. Served in desired portions to match both pocket and appetite, old favorites and new fare are offered in paquilo (half small or grazing portion), small, medium and large serving sizes.

For more details about Comida China de Manila, visit Comida China de Manila on Facebook or cal 671-5942,914-0832 and 914-0830.

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