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B3: Bloggers + Business = Blogapalooza

The excitement and fellowship of the event was indeed momentous. Blogapalooza took place last September at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street and it never failed to bring out a smile in all of us. Without a doubt, excitement flourished knowing the 1st  50 registrant would somehow avail a surprise package. So I intend to be part of it to start the event with enthusiasm. I guess everyone was thinking the same way and surprisingly I was amazed by the number of participant of the said event.

You see, an enormous crowd like this is in fact hats off to the organizers. The event was well organized and attended not just bloggers but with company presenters alike
Yes...presenters who made the said event to be very informative of the new products which kept us astonished.(photos of presenters) I grab the opportunity as a way to personally chat with bloggers whom I know of on the chat room only. I never cease to bid my hello to everyone whom i felt a part of the  family of bloggers. As the day goes, we were served with an exquisite cuisine with a touch of Italian taste. In response, I could not help but let go of my diet. If you were in my shoes, I bet you who would react the same way.

The presenters in a brief manner highlighted about how significant their products are. As I listened closely, I am happy to know that much of the market brands that I know of are present.  There are more companies out there rendering services to the best that they could. As I recall every detail of it, I know somehow what is best for my family aside from the love I share with them each day.
Here are some of the presenters:

On the other hand, the raffle draw delighted everyone simply because a big and wonderful prize awaits the

Nevertheless, no one left the gathering unhappy with heavy loot bag of freebies from the sponsors.

It was not only a success but it made me crave for the next bloogapaloza. Even days had passed but still everyone is still talking about it. An inclination that everyone who shared their time received more than in return...”just when it seems it is impossible, bloapaloza made it possible...and just when it seems it won’t happen, bloogapaloza made it happen.........a reunion that is worth taking part of...

Mom's World of Arts and thanks When in Manila for the experience


  1. wish I was able to attend that! sayang.... there will be a next time though ^^,

  2. WOw! everything seems to be FUN! I wish i was there, too! :)

  3. Wow nanalo ka pala nun! congrats po!



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