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Lazer Extreme: The Game for all Generation

The day at the Blogapalooza  was made exciting by the presenters. Just I have said in my other post B3, there are presenters that are close to my hearth. Lazer Xtreme sure  made the hearth of the blogers start pumping. Wearing the famous armor for lazer tag, they surely catch the attention of the crowd.  Applause surely bring the house down when the presenter mentions that everyone will receive voucher from the Lazer Xtreme

This guy sure are ready to play
I surely understand my co-bloggers to be excited for I myself have experience what this adrenalin game could provide.
I attended an event with other bloggers. They told me that the venue will be at the Lazer Xtreme in Market, Market Taguig. At first I couldn’t understand the reason why are we at the Lazer Extreme. After satisfying ourselves with a light snack, we are told that the game area was ready us. Although, excitement runs in my vein, I was also afraid. Why? Because I’m 42 years old and I don’t know anything about the game. There’s also the fact that I’m wearing a colored dress, which they say could be easily seen in the dark even with out the blinking lights that goes with our armor  that were going to wear.
As we are being brief by the staff as to how to wear and use our weapon, the enthusiasm was building to each of us. There were two groups that will compete, they keep joking that I would be an easy target, and the fact that this kind of game is not my generation era.

Laser tag is a game where in you have to aim weapon towards your opponent, there are certain points for every part of the body that you could shoot at. I had to admit that I’m too old for these game and the other players are of younger generation. But then again, I have the advantage of strategy. While all others are running and going with one another, I just need to keep my post and wait for them to pass by.  I situated myself in the far corner where I could see everyone and shoot them with out them knowing where it came from. For totality, I could say that my strategy work, I was the top player for that game. Just like life, you need strategies on how to face your opponent. 

In the end, laser tag is a game for all, whether you’re young or old. There’s no generation that could come across with this type of game. You just have to be ready with your own strategy as how to conquer the game.

Here I am with one of the opposing team, generation and age is not a barrier to enjoy the game
Here is a sample of the score sheet that was printed after the game

If you want to check them out, they have branches in

Market Market Taguig
4/L Market! Market! Mall, Fort Bonifacio Global City. Taguig, Philippines.
Alabang Town Center
2/L Alabang Town Center, Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City, Alabang

Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 10am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-10pm

I heard they have other game like the GolfXtreme and Lazer Maze, well need to schedule my trip at the south to experience the other excitement that Lazer Xtreme could give to its clients.

Lazer Xtreme is Manila's first and only multi-level laser tagging arena and the leader in laser tag entertainment in the Philippines!
For other details and information, check their FB account Lazer Xtreme

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