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Whale Call Project Helps Save Marine Life

Whale Call Project
Gil de Palma partnered with Bazinga, a digital company that designs, operates and markets digital entertainment content using the latest technology. Through that project Whale Call Project was born.The Whale Call Project is a global movement calling for the symbolic social sounding of whale songs to promote marine conservation.

You can get the Whale Call songs and other gifts as our Thank You for your donation of at least one dollar each to help raise funds for the OApp. Listen, Play and Share Whale Call combines whale sounds with human vocals mixed with pop, meditation, house, hiphop, rhythm and blues, rock and other genres to create a unique amalgam of music.

You can get them online and mobile through our official website at Here’s how to join Whale Call:
1. Get the Whale Call music app for free online and mobile here
2. Download the Whale Call songs for one dollar ($1) each
3. Play the songs and share them with your friends to show your support for their cause.

With every Whale Call song you download, you are helping them build the OApp and empower everyone around the world to take action for marine conservation. You can also post your Whale Call video the Whale Call music as a soundtrack to be a Video Hero for marine conservation here.

Let’s save our seas. We need your help to make it happen. When you join the Whale Call, you impact marine conservation with three things: the donation that you make, the information that you share and the influence you leave behind..

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