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It became a habit of mine to shop at food exhibits, why? Because of the variety of items plus low prices and WOFEX is one expo that I always watch for.  WOFEX is not just for shoppers like me but also for those venturing into new technologies and for those who want to experience how it is to compete with the best.

 WOFEX 2013 (World Food Expo) continues to be the food and beverage industry’s main source of supply solutions. The phenomenal rise of the event in terms of exhibitor bookings, visitor traffic and sales generated has reinforced its growing importance in the industry.

WOFEX 2013 will be held from July 31 to August 3, 2013 at both World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center, Philippines and I invite you to be part of the continued growth as they bring together all segments of the food and beverage industry.

The two venues are also now more properly defined. World Trade Center is now also known as the venue for WOFEX Trade which will have restricted entry for trade visitors only for the first 3 days while SMX Convention Center is now better known as WOFEX Marketplace which will be the biggest selling and order taking event of the year. Need not to worry about going to the two venues for there's a shuttle that will serve as your means of transportation going to and fro the two venues.  A minimal fee of P 150.00 will be charge to all the visitors, this is nothing compare to what we can gain once we visit the expo.

Once again, WOFEX is the home of the 2013 PHILIPPINE CULINARY CUP, already the most prestigious culinary competition in the country where the best meet to compete! Better make sure to get a good seat during this competition for this is something WOFEX is so proud of since judges from other countries are coming to be part of this culinary cup. Even foreigners will compete as we; there we have to support our own homegrown talents.

Experience why WOFEX is the Philippines’ biggest & most anticipated food show

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