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Mondelez Philippines and World Vision share One Goal: Play for Joy

Today, Mondelez Philippines and World Vision share One Goal and that is to make a difference.  One goal at a time, one child at a time and there would come a time that this one goal will make a difference for more than a million lives. One child’s life would affect not just one child but the life of the whole family of that child. 

"Play may seem like a simple concept. But because learning is best done while having fun, we aim to use play as a means to educate children about values, nutrition, healthy and balanced living, and taking stewardship of their bodies through sports," explains World Vision's Associate Director for Fundraising Jun Godornes. "For supporting this goal, we thank Mondelez Philippines. Despite being two different entities, we both share the same goal of promoting healthy and balanced lifestyles and right nutrition for children's over-all well-being."

Ms. Maria Cindy C. Lim
“Getting kids to be active through play and promoting nutrition are our missions as a food Company,” shares Maria Cindy C. Lim, Head of Corporate and Government Affairs of Mondelez Philippines. “We have been working towards these goals since 2011 through our Joy Schools program. We have adopted six public elementary schools nationwide and have provided assistance to students through a feeding program, nutrition education, teacher training, facilities improvement and access to play and sports equipment.”

“We’re always looking for ways to contribute more to our adopted students, that’s why we’re partnering with World Vision for One Goal,” Lim adds. “We are focusing this initiative on our Joy School General Vicente Lim Elementary in Tondo, to help improve the well-being and sports skills of its students.”
Lim ends, “It’s all about creating a ripple effect. We’re just two organizations who aim to touch the lives of hundreds of students. These hundreds of students will then keep and use these lessons for years, on to their adulthood. They can pass it on to other kids they meet and hopefully to the future generations. So that from one goal, we can continue a culture and a community of playing to create joy.”

Ms. Nikki Gil : World Vision Ambassadres

Today, it’s not just about going to school but on what joy a play can give. Today Mondelez discuss not only about the joy of supporting a child but the joy of what a play can bring out to a child.

There are many who look fondly on the days when playing outside as children, at around 4:00 p.m. was the best and only way to spend afternoons. For what seems like merely child’s play, the things learned from an afternoon of running or jumping are priceless. As a group’s leader, you learn important values that will make you a better person as you get older. As a player, you learn to test your limits and see what you can achieve today and in the future. More importantly, as a friend you play for the joy being with one team.

For the learning and joy that playing gives children, Mondelez Philippines has partnered with World Vision for their “One Goal” program. To encourage more children to go out, be active, play for joy and learn lifelong skills.

Contributing to the Goal. The road to this partnership began in 2013 when the two Companies partnered for the “Eats for Joy” initiative. The name may not be familiar, but Mondelez Philippines as the former Kraft Foods has been providing delicious products for the past five decades including Eden Cheese, Tang, Oreo and Toblerone. Through the “Eats for Joy” initiative, Filipinos not only got to enjoy treats made with Mondelez Philippines products from partner establishments, they also got to donate to World Vision. “One Goal” is both a culmination of this donation and the beginning of creating more joy for children who will learn from it.

The Goal of Play is Joy. The One Goal program is an Asia-wide initiative that comes to the Philippines with the support of Mondelez Philippines. Here, it will focus on providing values, nutrition learning, and skills through soccer and volleyball coaching sessions and a summer camp.

One Goal in 2015. While a 3-day workshop for One Goal shall be held in November, more activities are planned for 2015. This kicks off with an 8-week coaching session for students from January to February. Come the summer time, a sports camp will be opened for more students to learn nutrition knowledge and sports skills from kids who have then been trained as “coaches” through the earlier sessions.

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