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Whisper: Yes to Fearlessness

Confidence, that’s what motivates us to do thing .  Confidence is sometimes ruin by moments which we think we cannot control; but we can do something about it.

Superior sanitary pad brand Whisper encouraged Filipinas to shed their inhibitions in a celebration of fearlessness at the recent Whisper Fearless Fair held in The Tent at Enderun. Varied performance arts that encouraged women to be bold and fearless were woven seamlessly together into creative storytelling to shine the spotlight on one of the most common reasons in the lack of self-confidence among female adolescents – back leaks. 

A theatrical mime served as an exposition on to show to show two things: how society expects Filipinas to be timid and the reality that back leaks that are experienced by 6 out of 10 young women in the country, the highest incidence in Asia.   An emotive sequence captured how the concern about‘tagos’and being ‘mahinhin’holds women back from fully engaging in activities they like.  This was expertly followed with an acrobatic performance by the All-Girls Division Champions of the 2014 South East Asian Cheerleading Open DLSU Animo Squad who demonstrated the exhilarating freedom that comes with unencumbered movement.  Through their infectious energy and WhisperCottony Long’s assurance of up to 100% NO BACK LEAKS, theyencouraged the mimes to break free from their constraints. 

To further inspire confidence, the edgy Pole Cats gave a mesmerizing performance to demonstrate how women can take control of their situation.  And to top off the celebration of confident and admirable women, racecar driver Michele Bumgarner drove into the arena, embodying fearlessness itself. She spoke about how she reached the top of a field dominated by men through confidence and determination.She shared her story of challenging the norm and being appreciated by her peers, who are mostly men, for her fearlessness.

After the short show, guests were treated to an afternoon of fun as activity booths were set up to let them exhibit their fearlessness. They were invited to make that perfect jump shot as professional photographers took their pictures as they jumped on a trampoline. Guests also got to channel their inner dancing diva by learning the basics of pole dancing from the Pole Cats nook.

Whisper encourages women to be part of the new breed of forward-thinking women who challenge the norm and show that nothing can hold them back.The notion that women should be shy or mahinhin no longer holds true. This was supported by Magic 89.9’s DJ Pat, MMA enthusiast and a seasoned traveler who was the host of the event, who confirmed that men today actually admire woman who are strong and fearless.With the rise of successful women leaders through the years, society not only supports, but even celebratesthese women’s acts of fearlessness.

Whisper brand manager JanJizelle Ang said, “Whisper believes any young woman can achieve whatever she sets her mind to.  Our pads take away a specific worry that could significantly hold her back from pursuing your goals – back leaks.  Whisper Cottony Long frees her to confidently pursue her passions.”

Whisper Cottony Long is every young fearless woman’s best friend in her journey to be her fun, fearless self.It gives up to 100% no back leaksencouraging all the young women to stand up with confidence and take control of their lives.

Whisper Cottony Long provides both comfort, with its soft cottony cover, and superior protection because it’s 2 inches longer and has a wider back than regular pads for UP TO 100% NO BACK LEAKS, OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEED enabling girls to fearlessly stand up with confidence and break the norm.

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