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Beauty Made Affordable by The Art and Science of Skintology Aesthetics Clinic

Motherhood sometimes takes its toll on me, doing everything I can for my kids and sometimes my finances are just focus on what they need. But there are times that I also wanted to spend some time for me but keep putting it off because I know that it would entail expenses. For every cent I spent I had to make sure that it’s worth it. I recently was invited by a friend for some pampering time and the only reason that I agree it that; she’s the one handling the bill.

I really much need a facial, cause I feel my face has been suffering from dirt’s and need some freshen up. The facial that they I experience was outstanding, never had I experience it in other facial center because I went thru 6 stages of treatment. While other are just doing the basic facial and others have diamond feel or mask treatment. All of this I got with my beauty facial. I was actually fallen asleep during the treatment.  It took about 45 minutes to 1 hour and I got the greatest surprise when I found out that my friend only paid One Thousand Two Hundred Pesos for the treatment. Compared to other facial center, a mere diamond feel would cost you around P 1,500 already but at Skintology Aesthetic; I could afford to shell out a budget for myself since they are affordable. I also found out that their fat busting treatment only cost P 3,600 compared to P 5,000 fee of other skin clinic. Being a mother who wants some time for herself, Skintology Aesthetic is the heaven place.

During my Treatment

I'm not the kind of person who know photoshop, this is the real thing , no filters

The Philippine aesthetics and dermatology has proven itself over the years to be a key and innovative industry in the country. It continues to thrive as a growing contributor of advanced technologies and practices that prove not only the science at play, but the art of defining beauty and wellness.

With art and science being different fields of expertise, Skintology Aesthetics Clinic has tapped these two as solutions for providing quality and special dermatological treatments to every man and woman who seek distinct results.

With its early beginnings as an endearing start-up business established by a group of friends, Skintology has grown to become not only a reputable company among its clients and peers, but also as a customer-centric enterprise that offers nothing but the best skincare practices available in the market.
I was able to talk to the president of Skintology while I was waiting and this is what she says

“Our drive and passion in pursuit of beauty and wellness fuelled us to put up a clinic that offers an array of quality skin care solutions and state-of-the-art skin care technology to help give clients the best, personal experience and results,” - Maia Pega, president and co-founder of Skintology Aesthetics Clinic.

From facial to body services; dermatological to non-invasive; whitening to slimming programs, Skintology Aesthetics Clinic offers a variety of services and dermatological procedures that are specifically crafted and chosen to cater to all client skincare necessities and requests.

Even the handsome doctor; her partner was so accomodatating to explain ;
“Our approach entails a general and holistic method of treatment aimed not only on the clients’ concerns but also on their overall wellbeing,” says Skintology Clinic Manager, Dr. Bryan Uy-Barretta M.D.

Skintology also has an inhouse dermatologist 
Skintology Aesthetics Clinic is located at the Ground Floor of Plaza Royale Building, 120 L.P. Leviste Road, Salcedo Village, Makati City. You may also contact their direct line with nos. 843-22-33  0925-SKNTLGY (7568549) or simply follow @Skintology120 on Twitter and like /SkintologyClinic on Facebook.

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