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Merry #MerrySMChristmas. to One and All

Everyone has a different opinion as to what Christmas means - Jesus, giving, receiving, blessings, all sorts of things pop up. I do believe in what they call “the true meaning of Christmas”, don't get me wrong, but I have a more personal insight on the season.

Time flies so fast, my babies are one by one growing up into these wonderful beings. Early in their childhood, it was easy to celebrate Christmas. We'd go to their godmothers and godfathers, eat Noche Buena, and in the morning go to this old photo studio nearby, and have our annual family portrait. But now that they're realizing their individual personalities, it becomes a pain to group up during the holidays.

My eldest, an aspiring architect, loves to shop for books and different types of pencils and markers that, the difference, I still don't understand. She also likes to buy clothes that suit her personal style and loads of hygiene related beauty products. Hence, to the book stores and clothes stores and beauty shops she loves to go.

My second daughter, a violinist, is constantly in search for affordable yet quality cosmetics and dresses of all lengths for her work. And when she does, she sure takes her time. Being a very keen and detailed person, she subjects every item to a thorough check. Therefore, it's a hassle to go to different places at a time to find her needs. It makes me dizzy in a motherly sense, if you know what I mean.

My third daughter is kikay ballerina through and through. But, despite her love for things trendy and stylish, she knows how to stretch her cash. As a true daughter of mine, she is always on the look for the letters S, A, L, and E. With an eye for things beautiful matched with quality, she can transform herself into a starlet without ripping her pocket, and of course, mine too. Therefore wherever big sales are, there she goes.

My fourth daughter is also a very talented ballerina, who is very close with her sisters. Basically, she takes after them in a way that she also loves to shop smart. Her fave buys are sandals and shorts – comfortable and very stylish for her age. What's not comfortable is the process of finding them. My,my, there's so many options. Where should we go?

My bunso is very techy. He loves games and gadgets. Also, he is athletic. As a member of the Fencing varsity of his school, he has this addiction to good rubber shoes and other sports gear. I used to buy him whatever brand I knew and what was within the budget, but now that he's growing up, he chooses for himself. Of course, he does not really get to choose whatever he wants. His four sisters need to approve. The style, the color, the size, the price – it's funny that they're always debating on something that won't be theirs.

Now that I've laid things out, I'm sure you understand why it's so hard for us to gather at a single place. I was always troubled, but not anymore. About six years ago, “Merry Christmas” stopped being just that to me. It more or less became Merry SM Christmas”. As the mall's jingle claims, “We've got it all for you!”. And yes, nobody can deny that this is true. Our annual family portraits leveled-up ever since. After our little photoshoot, we'd divide into our own corners, burying ourselves into what the kids call their own “Christmas paradise”. And at the end of the day, we regroup and have a wonderful dinner at our favorite restaurant.

It might seem superficial to you, but these small things are what makes up my Merry SM Christmas. I rarely see my kids together at the same time. It genuinely is the perfect gift to experience this during an important season. As a mother, nothing makes me happier than to make my children happy. And as a shopper, nothing makes me happier than to make sure my pockets remain happy.


For merry tune of Christmas, here is the video “How #MerrySMChristmas Begins” featuring Cheska and Kendra Kramer 

Christmas is not just carol and merry moment, Christmas in not  just receiving gifts, but giving as well. We can do this by simply be a part of the SM CHRISTMAS BEARS of JOY. A smile from someone is worth than a  thousand word.

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