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Banana Boat and Futkal for : All out for Family Futbol Festival

Summer time seems to be busier this time of the year; learning new thing; new sports and bonding with the whole family. For a busy mom like me, bonding needs not be far from home and travel long distance to experience new adventure.

Within a ride from our house, my family will have our bonding/new adventure this coming Sunday, April 26, 2015 at the UP Sunken Garden . Banana Boat Sunscreen is set to make this Sunday and the whole summer season  extra fun for me and my  family as it partners with Futkal (Futbol SA Kalye), a non-government organization that uses football as a tool for social development.

From 6am to 5 pm, Banana Boat Family Futbol Festival will be happening at the whole area of UP Sunken Garden.

With this joint activity, our families can participate in different fun-filled games and activities under the sun, including a football cup which will require teamwork among the members of the family. Part of its aim includes the showcasing of camaraderie and sportsmanship among participating families.
No more gadgets and hibernation for us this Sunday
The good news is , our families won’t be running alone. Each family  team will be joined by a Futkalero to take the football game to the next level. Aside from this, a Futkal clinic will be launched during the event to boost children’s interest in the sport and encourage them to have an active lifestyle during their growing up years.
Banana Boat sunscreens come in lotions and sprays that complement our lifestyle. It provides a broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays with AvoTriplex Technology that guards you against the sun’s harmful rays.

It’s time to break the Internet barrier and go outdoor this summer, Along with Futkal, we can create a bigger playing field where  our families can learn and have fun together outdoors that will translate to lasting memories.
Event registration for families is free. To join, simply visit the Facebook fanpage and register at or visit Banana Boat’s website at for more details.

A sneak preview of what awaits us.

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