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The Amazing Bubble Man Show at RCBC Tower

The Amazing Bubble Man makes his first ever visit to Manila at RCBC’s Carlos P. Romulo Theater from Sept 23-27.

Louis Pearl, The Amazing Bubble Man has been thrilling audiences around the world for nearly 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. He has performed to more than one million people, including royalty and celebrities. In hundreds of cities around the world.  He is also a favorite at the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he returns this year for his eight successive season

This wondrous 75 minute show combines breath taking artistry, colorful music and plenty of audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep all ages entranced. Louis Pearl says at his show “The kid in everybody gets excited. The audiences connect with what’s happening onstage at a preverbal place. There’s so much joy

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  1. If I will win. I will surprise my hubby as my date!😃This will be a perfect gift for our wedding monthsary on the 26!😃

      Monalisa Joy Priginal

      If I will win. i will surprise my hubby as my date!☺️This will be a perfecr gift for our wedding monthsary on the 26!😆

  2. My date will be my two year old son, Enzo because he enjoys playing with bubbles when he's taking a bath, so I know he will definitely enjoy this!:)

  3. My date will be my nephew. He loves bubbles and I'm sure he will love to watch this show!

  4. My date would be my 4 yr old daughter who is fascianted with bubbles. Mom-daughter bonding for us. No boys this time :)



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