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A Spooktacular Day at Active Fun BGC From Us

It has been years since I attended a Halloween party for kids. My kids are all grown up and got over those pre-Halloween events. It was nice for Active Fun to invite a couple of mommies to join their yearly Spooktacular Halloween Contest.

A niece of mine is so excited finding out that I would take him to his first ever Halloween Costume Party.  As early as 12 noon, we are already at Active Fun BGC and we are the first one to register

Since the actual event would start at 3 pm, Emman has still time to play. An unlimited play ticket is included in the registration fee.

When there are enough kids, a trick or treat party started at the ground floor going up to the 3rd floor where the actual event happens.

There were lot of prizes in store for the costume contest such as spooky cute, prince and princes, there’s even a spooky family category and the best of all; the spookiest costume.
There are games, magic show, talent show and every kid participated. It was fun seeing this kids dance and play and their smile is worth every cent spent and the effort for their costume

The Judges

We won the spookiest category and went home smiling all the way because of the experience and the happy memories that goes with it

Thank you Active Fun

Till next year.

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