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"Little Emman's Big Day of Play": #LakingAmazing Day by NIDO 3+ and NIDO 5+

In our world today, any information you wish to look for could be found with just one click, and sharing life's important moments could be done with a quick post. With such advanced technology, almost everything could be experienced through the digital world. However, there are some things that stay true to its value.

I believe that in the process of growing up, tiny tots must see the world through their own eyes and feel through their own hands, for them to be able to, one day, walk proudly with their own feet. That's why I make sure my young ones experience everything without holding them back. They might dirty themselves, or sometimes stumble to the ground, but for sure, a new lesson has been learned.

Last Saturday, the NIDO 3+ team set up 3D #Lakingamazing Art activities, in 3 different locations. I went with my little one, Emman, a 7 year-old kid who loves adventure!

For our first activity, we were presented with a scenario wherein a cat was high up in a big tree. I asked Emman, “What do you think is going on?” He said, ' I need to go to the cat! I want to go up there too, and see everything from above.” I had to giggle at what he said. I remember when I was a young girl myself; I loved to climb up on trees, feeling as if I'm on top of the world! I could see everything on a larger scale, and loved every moment of it. He then said as I laughed, “I can, can't I?”, and I answered him, “Of course Emman. Of course you can.”
Climb Every Mountain or Just the Tree

See what I can only see, from the top of the tree
After playing with the tree, we then went to the 2nd art activity. The location's set up was a scenario of a backyard – one with the view of a big, round moon, and a telescope to see it up close with. Here, instead of looking from above, the kids look up to the sky. He had a lot of questions about the moon – like why it was round, why it was big, why it felt close to touch yet far enough not to feel. I smiled again. This little one is so curious. I told him, “I'mnot so sure. Why not go and find out for yourself? You think you can do that?”, he paused for a moment, probably debating inside his mind, then said “ Yup. I think I can.”. I replied, “Will you tell me about it when you do?”. He then answered me, “ Of course - I will!”
"The moon is just so beautiful! Too bad Mr. Sun isn't here to see her"

" Is the moon made out of cheese? Let me check."

We went to the last location. Set up there was a pond with some swans. He immediately sat down there and touched the “water”. He said, “These are birds, right?”. I said, “Yes, they are.” He then put on a funny look, and asked, “ Then why are they in the water? Aren't birds supposed to fly high in the sky?” I laughed again. This day  surely is an experience for Emman. I replied to him, “ These are swans, and they're really amazing. They can walk on land, float on water, and fly on air.” He said “ Really?”. I then told him, “ Yes. How about we go to the zoo so you could see them do all those?”. He readily nodded and went back to feel and play with the pond simulation.
"I wonder, which one of you here is ugly duckling? Cause not one of you looks ugly to me."

Row Row Row Your Boat, gently down the pond

As a mom, I always have this protectiveness that sometimes goes to the borderline of anxiety. However, in the real world, it is not possible to keep an eye on them 24 hours-a-day. They must learn on their own, and figure out who they really are through their achievements and setbacks. But of course, I wouldn't allow my kids to go out to the world unequipped. Along with love, guidance, and moral support, I make sure their physical health is 100% protected – and you should too!

To make sure they are protected, give them NIDO 3+! NIDO 3+ offers the best of Nestlé Research™: It is the ONLY milk brand with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, millions of live good bacteria that helps build your child’s bodily defences.

This unique probiotic can be found in every glass of NIDO 3+ along with other essential nutrients (DHA, ALA, LA, Folic Acid, Taurine, Vitamins and Minerals) to make sure he gets complete nutrition for his proper growth and development.

#LakingAmazing things can happen when you let your kids play, explore, and learn on their own, especially outside the comfort of your own home where they are exposed to a much bigger world.

I'm sure little Emman will turn out to be the best he can, just like my other children – who are #LakingAmazing in their own fields.

Erica, my eldest, was an artistic young girl from the beginning. I let her join art workshops and small art contests back in the day. From stick people, to trees and flowers, to cartoon and anime – she now draws houses and buildings – a  budding architect! Displaying creativity in her designs, coupled with technique gained from hard work and perseverance, now able to create life-size masterpieces brought about by her blueprints.
Architect in the Making

Then there's Jem. She started with a tiny second-hand violin, playing it with a sound as if made from a tin can, and a face that was quite a funny sight! Imagine her, playing twinkle twinkle little star with tiny hands and a serious, concentrated face at the tender age of 6. From there, she journeyed through different hardships, both emotional and physical to be able to achieve mastery in her craft, and has now bloomed into a seasoned violinist, working with the country's best orchestras, and featured in different television programs, promotions, and large-scale concerts and events.
Music + Violin = Scholar
I remember my aspiring professional ballerinas, little Joanne and little Jessa. Once upon a time, they were just running wild on stage with their small tutus and their hair glued to their heads. They also did this funny thing at home one time, wherein they sprinkled loads of powder on the floor and pretended to be figure skaters – ballerinas on ice. Ah, such funny moments. When I see them now, going from one stage to another, in and out of the country,  it makes me feel real proud. Maybe they are not yet at the peak of their career, but I know, looking at them right after rehearsals and shows  – feet covered with bruises, shirts soaking with sweat  - I know. I do know that they're halfway there.
Ballet pa more, Dance pa more = Scholar Pa more

With over-the-top workload and a huge need for stamina, my kids might not have been able to keep up with their passion if I did not prepare them well enough. Children need to be properly nourished, because a weak and sickly body sometimes hinder growth and achievements. That’s why us moms must be wise in choosing food, vitamins, and of course milk! When it comes to our kids, we should give nothing but the best. That is why I strongly recommend NIDO 3+ and 5+!

NIDO 3+ or NIDO 5+ helps moms give their kids a #LakingAmazing childhood. Expose them to anything and everything without having to worry about enough protection from bad bacteria and environment-induced sicknesses.
Get your Free Crayons when buy a 1.2kg can of  NIDO +

So to the moms out there, don't be afraid to let your kids try. Let your kids fly. Give them a strong pair of wings. Give them, each day, a glass of NIDO. And one day, they'll tell you, “Thanks mom, I had one heck of a #lakingamazing childhood,  thanks to you!”

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to NIDO 3+ and NIDO 5+! The NIDO 3+ and NIDO 5+ team who created a very artistic approach on exploration, and invited us to take a part on this little #Lakingamazing journey to discovery that I loved sharing with everyone.

If you want your kids to also experience NIDO's special 3D art activities, go visit Glorietta 4 cinema area, Greenbelt 3 cinema area, and Alabang Town Center park area.  A fun, creative and educational day awaits you and your kids!

Don’t forget to drink your glass of NIDO 3+ or NIDO 5+ everyday..............

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