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Philam Vitality: Live Healty Reward Promo

Philam Vitality was recently launched to enlighten the Filipino the importance of living health and getting rewards out of it.

Philam Vitality was launched at the Crisp@28th and the event was witness by media, bloggers and health partners

Philam Life, the Philippines premier life insurance company has introduced Philam Vitality, the first in the market, science backed wellness program that rewards its member for getting healthy. As global brand, Vitality is present in several countries with millions of members and makes use of incentive to encourage members to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors. By bringing Vitality to the Philippines through the Philam Vitality Program, Philam Life pioneers giving real focus on healthy living

Philam Vitality will empower more and more Filipinos with the information and the tools to know and improve their health and to enjoy longer and fuller life.

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