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I’m a mother of five precious kids. When you are a mom, there is certain thing that we have to do whether we like or not. Part of that are the household chores.  One of the top priorities is cleaning the house. Having five girls in the house is no big deal, but having long hair does. It would be easier if you’re just cleaning the house because of dust and dirt. Having a broom  may answer my problem. Broom is the basic tool that I always use when cleaning, but then there are certain problems that comes with it. Its disadvantage is a list that are so many to mention, but then what can I do? Financial status is one of the reason I could say why I have to stick to using the broom. But then again, do I have to suffer so much just for this reason. Does cost outweigh the misery that I go through because of the broom?

When I’m using the broom for cleaning, I really have to spend time doing the chores .Doing the cleaning all over again, because of  dirt  being  left behind is a usual scenario.  Dust and dirt just seems to fly everywhere when I sweep them with my broom. There is time that you have to put your back into it to be able to reach those hard to reach areas. You have to use every part of your body. When sweeping and my broom could not get those hair stuck under the sofa, I have to use my feet or even crawl down and pick it up to get it.

One of the brooms limitations is cleaning my carpet; I have to use another equipment or tool for that.
There are times when you think that already done but one look at my broom and find the hair still caught on the broom’s strand.

Broom has always been a part of our cleaning. We are so happy when someone who came from Baguio will come and give us the broom as a gift. Now a new  a new friend will give us something much much more. A gift that will last us a lifetime. A gift that will ensure that all our misery will come to an end when it comes to cleaning.

The good news came when I came across an article in Electrolux regarding their new innovation that would finally end my misery and discomfort. My entire problem with regards to cleaning finally will come to an end. Thank you Electrolux for always thinking of us. With the newest innovation, so many problems about cleaning will be solved. Parents like us do need partners in solving problems with regards to our everyday routine.

I still remember the jingle that was use to play in radio and televisions.


Electrolux as far as I know did not stop there. From that song I know that in one way or another, they will enter my home and my life.

Thank you Electrolux for giving me Dynamica vacuum cleaner

I need change. I want to start the doom of the broom. I need help

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  2. nice post! :) maybe I'll consider using the dynamica for house cleaning...

  3. yes cleaning carpet also is my huge problem and the one that im using now is not that enough to remove all the dust and hairs!! hairs...ohhh hairs..its our crowning glory but not for my carpet glory hehhe...

  4. I can relate to some of your "broom miseries." Hope you can check my doom of broom story:

  5. great innovations and great blog ;)

  6. I'd better buy a Dynamica Vacuum Cleaner to resolve my broom misery =)

  7. let's start the doom of the broom! :)

  8. The best Electrolux Dynamica Vacuume Cleaner!!!

  9. ito rin talaga ang problema ko sa walis. nmakakainis yung mga di makuhang dumi tapos nangungurot pa.hehhehe

  10. I also have a problem with carpets because brooms cannot help in removing. Instead, it only worsen the situation by leaving broom "strands" in the carpet so you don't have a choice but to pick them up and end up more exhausted

  11. hi!! right broom is really big help to us like mom...

  12. hi lari, you deserve to have this Electrolux Dynamica Vacuume Cleaner!

  13. contratulation to the following czaroma, pusangkalye, johi a., ning and rdhnofera, pm me as to how you can get the price



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