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Kalesa Trip

Have  you ever tried to ride a Kalesa before ?
I was standing there, waiting for a cab to come. Suddenly, a familiar mode of transportation appears. I just couldn’t resist the urge to stop it.  I used to live in Tondo Manila. I grew up with the smell of pulot and darak. Before you reach our house, you have to pass thru a Kwadra (a place where there are lots of horses lined up and they actually live there). I was so happy to be able to ride again the Kalesa. If ever you are in Manila and a storm just happen on that time. It is better to use the Kalesa for you will be able to pass the entire flood. When all the cars are stuck while waiting for the water to subside, this one horse power mode of transportation will not fail you to reach your destination.

Mommy Lariza

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