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B.U.M. 2011 Summer Collection On Line Contest

A gathering of bloggers happened last April 8, 2011 at Dulcinea Tomas Morato Branch to be a part of the launch off B.U.M.  Equipment’s Summer 2011 Collection and their on-line contest dubbed: “My Reality, My Story “. The 2nd Blogger’s night was the B.U.M way of showing their appreciation.

Being a mother of four teen, I do share the sentiments of B.U.M. Every mother’s dream is to have a magic ball to see what their children feel and think. Having four teens, mean having four personalities. I have to deal with different moods and tantrums. I appreciate the fact the B.U. M understand them also. Their new lines of collection define what the new generation wants to shout about but are sometimes worries how to express them. Expressions are very important. I myself don’t want to dictate what my children should say and feel, for they are their own personal. Not because I am what I am, my children should be the same. Not because they want to express their feeling, means they are rebellious children.  Having their own personality, their own story is a reality that parents should face. Having their own style and uniqueness should be one of the characteristics they should posses to be able to face the realities of the real world and life. 

Mommy Lariza

In line with their new 2011Summer Collection. B.U.M. want to show also their appreciation to their new generation client.  An on-line contest dubbed " My Reality, My Story " was lauched. Open for boys and girls ages 13 and up. All you have to do is to purchase a My STORY  T-Shirt and your good to go. For more information. Log on 
or check!/bumequip!/bumequip?sk=app_6009294086

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