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Bye Bye Bad Photos, Say Hello To a Samsung 2view Camera Promo

I was lucky to find out that Samsung has an on-line promo that will give me a change to win a brand new Samsung 2view Camera.

Dubbed as “Bye Bye Bad Photos, Say Hello to a Samsung 2View Camera”. The good news about it, they are giving away three ST700 Samsung digital cameras. No need to worry if you’re not a professional photographer or you only have a point and shot camera , for the online contest require us to submit photos that we considering trashing out.

Our bad photos could give us a chance to win. The contest has three categories which you can  upload:

Wrong Angle

Jump Shot Fail

Baby Gets Bored

For the mechanics, here's the simple steps and you will just start by liking

I previously posted a blog about the new Samsung ST700 and here’s why I love own one of my own.
I'm not a professional photographer and sometimes taking pictures all my by myself. The new Samsung 2view Camera comes with a 1.8 LD in front of the camera. The front screen let you see yourself for a better self-portrait.  With swanky features like the controls by using your fingers, children mode has built animated clips which displays animation on the front LCD so your kid is kept entertained, .Another plus is the so called jump shot wherein it offers cues before taking three fast shots. Self Timer is an impressive feature which is a visual countdown to coordinate group shots so everyone is smiling at the same time. It can cover a whole horizon field of view. It let you edit your special effect. I can have high quality movies in my own palm. It just so perfect for I can shot like a pro. It's my effortless way to get the perfect picture.

Here's a photo that I hope will get me closer in winning a brand new ST700 Samsung Camera. This photo was taken from a previous event which I attended. I made sure that I will have memories when I meet new friends and to try the famous jump shot. The photo came out blurred and the jump shot was a mess. If only I have a Samsung ST700 to relay on, this will not happen. But then again, there’s always a blessing in every corner, hope to win. Don’t forget my entry when you do visit the Samsung FANPAGE.

Visit Samsung Cameras PH Fanpage and find out more about this promo! 

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