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VITRESS Ambassadress Solenn Heussaff

I attended an event last June 15, 2011 without knowing that I will once again meet Solenn Heussaff. I found out that besides being a sought after print and commercial model, a fashion designer, a professional make-up artist, a painter, a recording artist of MCA Universal, an actress with Regal Entertainment and TV network GMA, she will add another feather to her cap.

On that day, an important event happened between Solenn and Splash Corporation. She signed a contract together with Ms. Joanna King ( brand manager, Vitress) , Ms. Pamela Sulit ( Marketing manager for hair category ), Solenn Heusaff ( Vitress Ambassadress), Mr. Marco Nieto ( VP for Marketing Splash Corp.), Ms. Nina Marcelo ( Account Manager GASSO ) and Ms. Nancy Dy ( Art Director GASSO ) to be the  VITRESS Ambassadress.

According to Joanna King, Vitress Brand Manager, "Solenn Heusaff is the perfect spokesperson for Vitress because her lifestyle shows the importance of caring for one's hair".

It’s understandable that having so many activities and endeavor, Solenn is always on the go. She has to wear different look in all her appearances- from sweet and shy to fabulously chic. There’s one thing that’s constant to Solenn,   every time I see her: her flowing darkly ravishing tresses with that intense shine.

I have four daughters who like her are always performing.  Always using curling irons or blow drying can do harm to their hair and I was afraid that this would cause damage to their tresses and mane. I asked Solenn for suggestions, and she smilingly answer that the best solution could be found in one of the variants of Vitress, VITRESS Heat Protect Cuticle Coat.

Solenn also shares that she has been using the product even before and like to use Vitress Cuticle Coat after discovering that it keeps her hair shiny, smooth and manageable. She adds that beautiful, healthy hair that radiates that intense shine is important for someone in her profession. When ever there’s a fashion show, a pictorial, taping or a film shoot, her hair need to be intensely shine as fast as possible and Vitness does the job instantly in every situation.

For those who are scared of heat styling but would love to try different hairstyles, use VITRESS HEAT PROTECT CUTICLE COAT. It protects hair from the harmful effects of frequent curling, ironing or blow-drying so you can wear all the hairstyles you want!

For dry, damaged hair, try VITRESS HAIR REPAIR CUTICLE COAT. It protects the hair from the bad effects of chemicals used in dyeing, perming, and other hair treatments.

VITRESS INSTANT RELAX CUTICLE COAT works best for those who have curly and wavy hair. This product is best for taming unruly hair and giving it a naturally straighter look.

VITRESS LEAVE-ON CUTICLE COAT is a special blend of silicones that lightly coats and seals every hair strand. Simply place a small amount on your palm, spread evenly onto hair and immediately transform dry, dull, hard-to-manage hair to smooth, silky and shiny tresses. It is available in handy on-the-go bottles that you can bring and use anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Before I forget, mark your calendar, June 19, 2011 as we witness the new commercial of Vitress with Solenn.

Vitress products are available at department stores, supermarkets, and drug stores nationwide. 

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  1. Ganda naman ate ni solenn :D bagay sya maging model ng Vitress



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