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Say No to Mining in Palawan , Say Yes to Nature

Every one of us has something to care for. As a mom, I’m doing all in my power to be able to protect my family and home. Others, guard what they think is important to their existence. One may look after the reason why they are living. One way or another, there is something we watch over, defend them from what we think is unwelcome.

This feeling is the same feeling of the nine indigenous people who arrived in Manila to say that they are the “real” indigenous people from Brooke’s Point, Palawan.

I was raining cats and dog that day, but I still manage to able to attend the meeting  for a very important cause, saving the newest mountain to be a victim from mining.

Together with Ms. Gina Lopez and other personalities, we are showing support to indigenous people to stop mining in Brooke’s Point, Palawan and other key diversity areas in the country.

Mount Mantalingahan, one of Palawan’s 33 watersheds, is located within Brooke’s Point. Mount Mantalingahan, with its lush forest and pristine rivers, is in threat of mining activities once Certificate of Precondition is granted to MacroAsia. 

Nine real indigenous people visited Manila to petition the National Commission for Indigenous People (NCIP) on its efforts to convene an en banc meeting to decide on the issuance or non-issuance of Certificate of Precondition to MacroAsia Corporation. 

The issuance of Certificate of Precondition will secure Macro Asia of (Strategic Environmental Plan) SEP clearance from Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD). SEP Clearance is MacroAsia’s ticket to explore mining activities in Brooke’s Point.

The mission of the ‘true’ indigenous representatives aims at bringing their voices and grievances to the attention of NCIP and, thus, to counterbalance the ‘fabricated’ testimonies of the ‘fake’ tribal chieftains.

There are so called Tribal Chieftains, ( about 30 fake tribal leaders) who went to Manila in order to show support for Macro Asia Corporation (MAC) .They have been called also that they appointed by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) to favor multi-billionaire Lucio Tan’s owned Macro Asia Corporation and other mining companies.

An additional Action Letter (addressed to NCIP, Pres. Noynoy and Cced to PCSD) will be posted soon on the Rain forest Rescue website, with the aim of putting sufficient pressure on this particular case and to deliver a strong message to both NCIP and the President...that is: the majority of IPs and Farmers in Brooke’s Point Municipality are, indeed, against mining.

According to official information, between June 15 and 17, the NCIP will convene an en banc meeting to decide on the issuance or non- issuance of the Certificate of Precondition to Macro Asia Corporation. The eventual endorsement of this important document will allow
Macro Asia to proceed towards the next step: getting the (Strategic Environmental Plan) SEP clearance from the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD).

Therefore, the support of each one of you and of friends and colleagues will be essential in getting as many signatures as possible for the forthcoming Action Letter, as well as to ensure that many individual letters will be e-mailed to both NCIP and the Office of the President.
The other reasons that we should say "No to Mining in Palawan"  are very beautiful products that our natives in Palawan made, they made such a nice piece out of their love in nature.Their place is really a heaven that we should took our part to preserve it.

How much is our future? We are now suffering from other environmental crisis. We are losing important spot just for a thousand bucks when in reality; it cost more than that or even a life. Our local are the one enduring the negative results. There are other ways to improve our lives. Let’s develop a harmonious relationship with nature.  Progress should not be the reason for our mountains to be destroyed.



 Here's a video to show you how beautiful our nature is.



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