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PascualLab Launches new A!Life

 I received an invitation to be a part of an intimate gathering that puts women’s need first. The event was held at the Tian-Di Heaven & Earth Urban Destination Spa last June 9, 2011.  The event was a celebration of beauty and strength of women titled “Ladies First” We were pampered and knowledge about the right tool was shared to empowered us and let us shine brighter.

The program proper starts at around 4:00 pm with the welcome remarks by Ms. Diana de Leon-Gener and introduction of Brand Ambassadors who graced the event

For A! Life Control: Ms. Lucy Torres-Gomez, Congresswoman/Celebrity
For A! Life Protect : Lexie Schulze , TV Personality/Anti-Cancer Advocate

A! Life Restore: Patty Betina, Model/Image Consultant
A! Life Enery: Lorraine Lapus, Athlete
A! Life Posture: Shawn Yao, TV Personality/Pilates Enthusiast

Ms. Diana explains the difference between each A! Life supplement

a!life Control has white bean extract that helps block carbohydrate absorption, and controls weight and blood sugar levels so you can indulge in your favorite carbohydrate-rich food without the guilt.

a!life Energy contains malunggay which is a natural energy booster loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids that give you that extra push to get through a stressful day or still have the drive to hit the gym or go out with friends after work. 

a!life Posture has Calcium and Ostivone™ which maintains bone density and prevents the loss of healthy bone cells to help you perform the most challenging yoga positions or Pilates workouts!
a!life Protectcontains phcnogenol that helps defend the body from free radicals, ensuring health that radiates through fairer skin

a!life Restore contains injuv- a hyaluronic acid that restores moisture from within, so you help erase the signs of skin aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

a!life Trim contains Ampalaya and Banaba which helps to lower your blood sugar levels and excess weight to keep you trim.

 The  whole occasions was an eye opener to all of us woman. I was challenge as to why I should settle for a good life , when I can have an a!life. As a woman, I assumed numerous roles in my life. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and a businesswoman.  My priorities are always the people around me and with that, I always forget ME. I’m now at the point in my life, that I somewhat feel  what I was not the woman as I was twenty years ago. It’s seem I’m losing it, the energy, the stamina, the power, the liveliness. I  tired easily . But then again what can I do?
Pascual Lab understand me and the other women needs. What I found out regarding the supplement, it’s made especially for women and responding to women’s needs. A natural line of health supplements were created to ensure  that women stay healthy by nourishing them inside and out. With its holistic approach to health. It’s the first uni-brand of health and wellness supllments formulated from natural ingredients. A!life focuses on preventive health to help me look good and full good.

I particularly focused on the A!life Protect because I’m always in contact with unwanted radical. I believed that I have found the right answer from all my question. The right resolution has been presented to me and it’s up to me how to handle the matter. There might be some reservation but then again ,  Pascual Laboratories, Inc. has been committed to improving the lives of millions of Filipinos. For more than 60 years now it has remained faithful to its mission of giving its customers greater access to better healthcare and a better life.

After the Question and Answer portion, we were treated by different wellness activities such as :
A!Life Protect – Glow Exfoliation
 A!Life Restore – Guided Facial Care Regimen
A!Life Posture – Yogilates
A!Life Energy – Latin Heat Dance
A!Life Control – Project Make over
 A!Life Trim – Shake it up Smoothie Making Session

We didn’t come home with out our own samples of the A!Life  Packages

Thank you Pascual Laboratories, A!Life for a wonderful experience


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