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#BestDateEver treat for father-daughter pairs by Jollibee

I was ask if I want to join a father-daughter treat by Jollibee; I actually wasn’t able to answer right away. I love my father but we are not perfect and we recently had a tampuhan. I know my tatay loves me that’s why I tried to call him and texted him when he didn’t answer his phone. I know that the #BestDateEver would be the answer to finish this tampuhan thing and I was right.

The event was held last Oct. 16, 2014. The dinner time was to happen at around 5:30 and actually losing hope to have my date with my dad because there was no text or call from him. I got the surprise of my life when at around 2 pm, my tatay shows up and with tampo voice ask: “ where are we going?”. I immiaditely answer: “ Mag dadate.”. From there I knew that the tampo thing is over.

We have a special bond and this bond will last forever.

 Me with my Tatay Peping

I was so happy to be able to get a photo with Nadine Ilustre and his Dad

I was so happy that I was able to be part of what Jollibee , Jollibee arranged for select father and daughter pairs to go on a memorable and fun-filled dinner date at Jollibee’s Pioneer Center branch last October 16, 2014. Dubbed as the #BestDateEver, the simple yet heartwarming event allowed daughters to bond with their best man through a series of games and other activities.
Father-Daughter winner from online promo
Young celebrity and Jollibee’s newest endorser, Nadine Lustre, also came to the event with her dad, Ulysses Lustre, and had fun participating in the activities with some of her fans and the media. The night was made more memorable when Nadine serenaded the guests and even dedicated a special song for Daddy Ulysses.

To make the evening affair extra special, the father and daughter pairs enjoyed bonding over the latest treat from Jollibee, the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Yum. It is made with 100% pure beef patty topped with bacon, mushrooms, cheese sauce, and sandwiched between a soft, sesame seed bun. At only P72, this latest addition to Jollibee’s list of Yumburger favorites turns even the simplest of moments to extraordinary ones with its savory ingredients, tummy-filling goodness, and extra-special langhap-sarap taste for a flavorful burger experience.
Our dinner for the #bestdateever

Nadine with his Dad Ulysses 

Have the #BestDateEver with the most special man in your life and treat dad to a Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Yum! Available in all Jollibee outlets nationwide, for dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru.

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