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Summit Natural Drinking Water Supports Amazing Race Philippines Season 2

I so love the Amazing Race Philippines. The good news is, I'm not the only one who loves them ; that's why are other companies who want to support them.

Summit Natural Drinking Water embraces a new adventure as it partners with the second season of Amazing Race Philippines. Coming from the success of its first season, the second season promises more challenges, as it now becomes a nightly show compared with its previous weekly one-hour format. This year’s tasks don’t just challenge the contestants physically such as rappelling face first down a 250 feet building, but mentally as well with challenges at the Philippine Stock Exchange. The season, which is still hosted by Derek Ramsay, will follow eleven teams of two individuals each as they compete for major prizes all over the country.

The second installment of the show promises to offer more exciting, more thrilling, and more breathtaking destinations. Summit delights in taking part such an adventurous show, Abe Cipriano, AVP for Asia Brewery Non-Alcoholic Division says, “The show is a perfect venue for Filipinos to appreciate the history, fantastic sights, and diverse culture that make our over 7,000 islands a truly unique experience for Pinoys and tourists. Summit Water, with its new Thirst for More campaign, encourages Filipinos to try new things – travel, dining, or adventure. We are inspired by the determination of the contestants to thirst for more, and we hope this inspires everyone to get the most out of life.”

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