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The Home of “I Do” : Lancaster New City

I know you are watching this, the “I DO”.  I was interested to find out where is the location and found out about it. I was also able to visit it personally thru ProFriends.

The Property Company of Friends, Inc. is proud to have made another major milestone in its 15 years in the business by hosting ABS-CBN’s first “realiserye” inside its flagship project, Lancaster New City.

Inside Lancaster New City is the “I Do Village”, an enclave of Margaret house models where the nine (9) couples of the “I Do” Realiserye Show stayed for a total of ten (10) weeks. The couples are faced with different challenges that will test their teamwork, communication, and trust. Each exercise will make them realize if they are ready for the big commitment of marriage.

Being a complete township that fosters family bonding, the concept of “I DO” fits Lancaster New City’s vision of building happy and healthy families. By tackling the different aspects that make a marriage work, “I Do” is a program that helps its contestants and audience realize the important factors one must consider before entering into a lifetime commitment… and raise a family. 

Hosted by Ms. Judy Ann Santos and joined by her fellow council Mr. Julian Montano, Pia Acevedo, and Jazon Gainza, “I Do” airs every weekends (Saturday at 9:30 pm and Sundays at 8:45 pm).

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