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Alaska Ironkids 2015 Aquathon

Swim and run afterwards, well I can do (or am I kidding myself). 

Alaska Aquathon 2015 is a test of endurance and agility, power of mind and body.

Open to children 6 to 14 years old, Alaska IronKids Philippines is the local junior version of the international triathlon series, Ironman. Triathlon is a race that features three sporting events: running, swimming and biking. The competition is open to kids who are new to the sport and those who have already joined other triathlon events. But this is just Aquathon because it only involves, swimming and running.

Alaska Ironkids aims to promote a well-balanced lifestyle for kids of today, who are used to staying indoors with TV, video game console and the Internet as companions. Ironkids is also the perfect venue for families to bond and for parents to demonstrate in “real-time” that being HEALTHY can also be fun.

I really admire the discipline of this kids who dedicate their time and effort to reach that finish line

Alaska Ironkids has no limit, they have no boundaries, they are there to support everyone and Alaska Ironkids is open to everyone, no restrictions and through this they have opened new doors to even the special ones.

They may have been blind but the that is not the basis of what a person can do to his life especially if you are supported by your parent. 

There is no celebrity here in this sport event, just a big brother supporting his younger sibling

The first thing to do after you reach the finish line... call you dad

Refreshments for the body...................................

The reward......................

To tell you honesty, everyone is a winner to this sport, receiving a medal is just a bonus. The real test is on how you finish the game, by never giving up, by pushing yourself to the limit, to be a true example that everyone can do it just as long as you put your heart into it.

That my friend is the basis of a true winner……………..

See you again the next schedule 

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